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out nearly side ways. Now taking a whole new direction and instead of playing our cards of fate with Arlington. Trevor decided to see what kind of deal house number 410 had to offer us. Barreling towards their ‘97’ Jeep Grand Cherokee, I could only imagine the long term affects of the termination of my existence. My parents and how sorrowful they would be. I moved closer to finding all about this God guy everybody had been trying to tell me about. My hockey dreams were over with? Would I die a virgin? It appeared that way as the Jeep loomed closer and closer. The immortal side of me was dying quickly. As we squeaked in between the Jeep and a hedge bush, the crunching of high stalked rose bushes put the fragileness of life into a Dr. Suess book right in my lap. Finally,

Trevor’s increasingly closer view of the solid brick suburban style house caused him to quickly remove his stubborn foot from the gas, and thrust it down hard onto the brake. We slid all the way across the front lawn, and slammed hard into a porch type area, smashing a lot of wood of a plant filled porch. There was a lot of smoke coming from the car, but as it cleared we got an excellent view of three bewildered people, who paused momentarily from watching their television set quietly in their living room, to view the smoking ‘82’Datsun B210, which was now peacefully nestled up against their porch. There was a long hesitation before any of us said anything. And the first words mumbled out of anyone’s mouth, were from Trevor. He said “Are… are you guys OK?” At that

moment, when Trevor asked us if we were OK, was when I finally realized, that life was fragile, and we were by no means immortal.