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books I re-read and movies I saw again. The concept was probably the most important thing I learned from Biology and it served to clarify what I saw, what Richard understood. Human beings are outside of the laws of evolution and that is the difference. The size of our brain and the establishment of our civilization(s) is the effect of the new law we follow. The act of providing medical care for the sick, the sacred idea of preservation of life and comfort are actually outside the natural order. Richard Nassau and everyone who chooses to film the natural world takes an oath not to interrupt or disturb that cycle and balance. Humans–especially city dwellers–have been conditioned to adhere to humanism. Three years after the Biology Final I understand the question I missed. I

laugh sometimes when I see in the middle of winter a small dog trotting by its owner in a coat more expensive than mine. And yet, my cat watches TV with me, he eats ice cream, meows when he needs food and sleeps on my bed. That is simply how he has always lived because that is what I have taught him. Isn’t a cat who watches TV as inadequate as a dog who wears a coat? The city dweller’s experience with animals is to attempt to change them into versions of ourselves and we interpret for the once great hunter whether he should have chicken or fish for dinner. Life hasn’t become any less precious, I haven’t stopped hating the close-up, and I don’t believe we should begin to fulfill evolution. However, I think I understand more the thing that I am fighting for. The crime

environmentalists try to remedy is the removal of the conditions animals need to survive in their own habitat, or the removal of the habitat itself. The acceptance that there is a difference in the nature of animals and ourselves one the two shouldn’t intermingle.