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of the cross across the world, there are sisters who specialise in health care in hospitals, hospices and dispensaries, there are many who take care of the elderly and specialising in education of those who suffer from epilepsy. In general it makes a lot of difference to the life of the people amongst whom the sisters work, they aid to third world countries, where their help is needed especially. Some of the places the sisters go is very dangerous and a risk to them, because they have to work with the terminally ill, drug addicts, alcoholics, sometimes even psychiatric patients. The sisters have been to places like Afghanistan to devote their time to people in places such as The Prison In Liege, and hospitals where they associate with women suffering venereal disease. Because the

sisters are so devoted to their work, they give out a strong sign of trust with these people, and the sisters make them feel special which I think is wonderful because they become more comfortable with themselves and don’t need to fear that they are being discriminated against. The sisters put them into a happy safe environment so that they feel comfortable and welcome and do not feel the need to be embarrassed. I think the sisters work is as important today as it was when the order was started because people who are handicapped now will need the same amount of love and care as those who were handicapped 200 years ago. And because there has been a rise in population there of course will be a more frequent amount of homeless people, and of course with the huge mass of people who

turn to drugs and alcohol as a way out of life. So maybe now there work may if not be more important than the work the sisters did when they first started. And now there are 93 daughters of the cross congregations set up around the world today where the sisters cope and devote their help where they can give witness to god’s love and care Marie Terese Haze wanted to show gods love to everyone, and to help everyone in need. This has been carried out until this day, and it has expanded across the word with all of her intentions The difference the sisters have made to our community is wonderful, no matter how cruelly these people have been treated or how fragile and weak some people are the sisters have made themselves a dedicated team to support and benefit of the people with whom

they work with and help. And near us is the St Elizabeth’s school and home in which every single person has been loved and cared for, and I’m sure Marie terese’s intentions have made a big impact on their lives.