The Daughters Of The Cross Essay Research

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The Daughters Of The Cross Essay, Research Paper The Founder Of the woman’s congregation was Jeanne Haze in 1833. Religious reasons such as the cross inspired their lives (160 years ago) to serve all those in need, following in the steps of Jesus. In their work they try to help the poor, the handicapped and the needy they can also translate languages. Their work ranges from teaching, caring and social work including many other important things. It was 1863 in which the first daughters of the cross arrived in England in the Saint Elizabeth’s home and school in much hadam. Marie Therese Haze wanted them to live a life of prayer and service to those in need of help, believing that in doing this they would be imitating Christ who reveals God’s love most supremely in his

passion and death on the cross. They always followed one simple prayer “Love others as you have love yourself” and by doing this they carried out Marie Therese’s aim to prove their love for God, Marie Therese died in 1876. The people the sisters worked with were helped a great deal, the daughters of the cross ventured to different third world countries and tended on the poor, sick and the hungry. In Much Hadam the mentally and physically handicapped are looked after and are supplied day centres in which they feel comfortable working and doing everyday activities. The sisters are very kind, and work extremely hard to help the needy children, and those who they have helped I’m sure these people must be very grateful to see the sisters dedicating their time on them, it must

have quite an impact on them because they would gain a better quality of life because of the visitations and the activities the sisters organise. The Sisters have proved a very important part in society and community. With all the time and energy they spend on the needy, and the amount of love they put into it, They display an overwhelming love of God by helping those who need their help. “We have an unreserved commitment to meeting the educational, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of children and students with epilepsy and learning difficulties” They have dedicated and promised to give up themselves for the help of others. Their aim is to express their love of God and to show they are living as Jesus would want them to, and by doing this they look after all of Gods

creatures especially the venerable, and dedicate their own lives to better others. Just by looking after one person the gratitude of that person always has a big impact to make a difference in their life. It changes their whole perspective on life, for the better. All that exists to them through life will have differed through you for them. I think that the Sisters work is extremely important because it gives people back their self dignity; what they had before when they were maybe helpless has shown them how independent they can be now giving them a boost and perspective of knowing they will be able to do something with their lives. They are then in the position so that they can thank God and give him praise , which gives them some self respect. The support the Sisters have

brought to the vaunerable, and how they have improved their lives is very important, and to those people that are helped I’m sure their thanks will be rewarded. The Work Of The Order Around The World Today. In general the sisters look after the disabled in the St Elizabeth’s home and school, they tend to the needy, whether it be physically or mentally handicapped people from the ages of 5 and 19 in the schooling, and the elderly in the home. They do this because they believe everyone deserves a chance in life, and these children and the elderly deserve their care, they do it in order to live lives like Jesus wants us to, to follow In his ways of preaching and treating others like we would like to be treated. Other than the sisters in St Elizabeth’s, there are many daughters