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preliminary results show that the drug can improve cognitive skills in children with ADHD. Two of 30 children studied were pulled out of the study because of side effects, but none of the side effects were serious. But not every child who has trouble concentrating has ADHD. Nor does he need Ritalin or other stimulants, experts say. “The one question that any good clinician needs to keep in the back of his or her mind is, “Why?’ ” says Susan Cummings, a psychologist at the children’s hospital. “If a child walks into the doctor’s office and the parent says, “He’s restless, he can’t concentrate,’ ask why”(Discover Ritalin). There could be problems in the family, a crisis such as a divorce or separation, anxiety of starting a new school or moving to a new

home. “Even something as simple as poor nutrition can reduce attention span, yet it can easily be overlooked if a doctor does only a cursory examination,” Susan Carney, M.D., says(Ritalin). Dr. Joel Wallach DVM, MD, author “Rare Earths Forbidden Cures”, adds that there are many things that can be done instead of drugs by saying, “What kind of society are we that approves of methamphetamines, tranquilizers and uppers, but not mineral supplements?”(Ritalin). Sometimes the child may have a learning disability or another type of disease may be mistaken as ADHD. What is in the future for ritalin? Henry Pisterman, clinical psychologist, says, “Ritalin, like any other drug, can be abused”(Ritalin Zone). And if doctors are leisurely prescribing the pills, there will be

problems. Pisterman wonders just how well children on the drugs are being monitored. But while Jerry Kilroy, Ph.D., worries that Ritalin is being overused, “it worries me just as much that a kid who needs help isn’t getting it”(Ritalin Boy). Hopefully people will educate themselves about a drug that effects his or her body before acting on a whim.