The Dark House Essay Research Paper Story

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The Dark House Essay, Research Paper Story e – The dark house by Tom-Inge Earlier today, John and I were taking a walk in the outskirts of the town, when we saw an old house on top of a hill. I wanted to take a closer look at it, but John looked a little spooked, and mumbled something about not wanting to go there. I convinced him that there was nothing to be afraid of, it s just an old house which haven t been occupied for a while, though I wasn t sure whether someone really was living there. We walked up the driveway, up to the house. It was huge. The place looked deserted, the grass wasn t mowed for ages, and everything was a mess. John chew nails like crazy, but I still wanted to check this place out. The door was made of wood, and looked like it could fall apart any

minute. I tried to turn the door knob, but it fell off as soon as I touched it. The knob rolled down the steps and kept on rolling down the driveway, and stopped by the fence. That didn t make John feel any better at all. He looked like he had seen a ghost. I took a deep breath, and pushed the door. It wouldn t budge an inch. Help me out+, I said, but John kept chewing his nails. God knows why, there was nothing to be scared of. Or was it? I took a step backwards, and then kicked the door. It slowly slid open, and I went inside. Wow! What a huge mansion we ve got here!+ John took a peek into the house, but didn t dare go inside. There was a huge hall in the middle of the house, with staircases to my left and right. I went right ahead, towards a glass door in front of me. It wasn

t locked, so I carefully turned the knob, and the door opened. Suddenly I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around immediately to see, but there was nobody there. Probably just my imagination+, I said to myself, and went on into the room. It was a lounge, with some impressive furniture, antiques and other objects. It was a lot to look at, and I yelled for John. He didn t reply, so I went to check on him. All I found outside the house was a shoe, and his necklace. I couldn t quite understand what was going on. If he d run away, at least he d taken his belongings with him. The door slammed shut behind me, and my heart stopped for a second or two. I turned, and again there was nobody there. All I could hear, was the breeze in the trees nearby, and a helicopter flying over the

town. I admit I was a bit spooked myself now, and felt like running away, but I was fascinated by this old house, and wanted to explore it. I turned around and went inside again, the door wasn t locked this time. I went up the staircase, and into a bedroom. I should never have done that. On the bed lay John, without his shoe or necklace, completely pale in his face, dead. I started crying, wishing that we d never entered this house in the first place. A cold breeze made me stop crying, and to swear revenge upon whoever that did this to my friend. Outside the room I spotted something floating in the air, in the hall. It was transparent, I could see through it. It floated closer to me, and I started running away, down the stairs and towards the door leading outside. But it was

locked. I m doomed+, I thought, and stood still. As I looked to my left, I saw a window, big enough for me to climb through. I ran over there, knowing that the floating thing was following me. The window was in a kitchen, and in one corner I saw a little white furry thing with long ears. I looked behind me, the floating thing had stopped in the hall. I picked up the bunny, but when it turned around, I could see its long, bloodstained teeth, and its red eyes, staring at me. I couldn t move, I panicked. The bunny jumped and bit my arm, my god it was painful, and the blood started running, dripping on the floor. I kicked the bunny, it flew towards the hall, and then I broke the window with my shoe. But something kept me back. I had sworn revenge, so I couldn t leave this house until