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Short StoryThesis Sentence: To understand Poe?s contributions to the fullest, we must look at his life, literary career, and a summary of two of his famous works. I. Early Life of Edgar Allen PoeII. Literary Career of Edgar Allen PoeIII. Writings of Edgar Allen PoeA. ?Masque of the Red Death?B. ?Fall of the House of Usher? Clint FioreE2Pre-AP8December 2, 1998 BibliographyHaines, Charles. Edgar Allen Poe His Writings and Influence. New York: Franklin Watts Inc., 1947. Marks, Thomas. Poe, American Poet. http:\\www.epoeindextml. April 6, 1996. Porges, Irwin. Edgar Allen Poe. Philadelphia: Chilton Books, 1963. Stern, Philip Van Doren. Edgar Allen Poe. New York: The Viking Press, 1945. Stern, Philip Van Doren. Edgar Allen Poe Visitor from the Night of Time. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell

Co., 1973.