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appointment with a physician for a consultation and physical examination to make sure that the medicine you choose will not have a negative reaction with any existing health problems. Works Cited Cottrell, Randall R. Weight Control. Guileford, CT: Dushkin Publishing Group 1992. Fen-Phen: Risky for Dieters in Any Form. Consumer Reports September1997:6. Fraser, Laura. The Dangers of Natural Diet Aids. Glamour March 1996: 64-68. Kramer, Carol. Dying to Lose Weight. Vogue May 1997: 206-229. Lemonick, Michael D. Dark Side of Diet Pills. Time 22 September 1997: 81. Williamson, Madeleine J. Herbal Diet Aids: Are They a Safe Alternative? Cosmopolitan August 1998: 74-78.