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The Curtain Essay, Research Paper Love Love and infatuation have many characteristics that can be compared to number of different things. Love is supposed to be everlasting, true and forever. Infatuation is a short period of time where you think it’s love, but in reality it is not. Both are entertaining, but both can also be fatal. It all depends on how deep and involved you get into them. In a sense, the are like nature. Both start out as a seed rooted deep in your heart, small and hidden. It is unseen to the human eye. Only the bearer knows that it’s there and waiting to break out. It takes a lot of work and effort to grow and progress alone, because as a seed it lacks the proper nutrients to emerge. The heart is much too cold to provide it with warmth, the mind not

mature enough to feed it, and the body too dark to supply an adequate amount of light needed to thrive. If it were to try and do it all by itself, it wouldn’t get out of the middle of the heart because it would have nothing to guide it on the right path. As time passes, a small amount of light, food, and warmth begins to slowly feed the seed. It’s still much too small to start on it’s journey, but it’s strength is increasing. It can now stir and move ever so slightly in the heart. The bearer can feel it even more inside. It is now the beginning of spring. More time passes and soon it is almost summer. By this time the seed is mature and ready to start its journey to happiness. The body, heart, and mind have ripened and have been able to provide the seed with sufficient

amounts of nurturing over a sufficient amount of time. The seed is almost ready to crack open and show itself to the entire world. After breaking through its solid shell, the seed begins to move throughout the heart and heads for the door to the outside world. It isn’t an easy journey, but with proper skills it will be able to make it through and reach the first of its many destinations. By the time the seed reaches the surface, it is warm and food is plentiful. It will have about four months of summer to plant itself and thrive in the real world. It still has many dangers to face, so it must begin to prepare itself for survival of the fittest. As fall emerges, the seed has progressed into a small tree with many buds and some leaves. At this point, it is either strong or weak,

depending on the availability of food and resources. If the food supply from the heart has been depleted, the small tree with suffer. If one essential part of survival begins to fail, the rest are not far from also fading. The frost sets in and begins to go to work on the small tree. This is the biggest test of all. It will prove if the love is real or if it is just a passing phase to merely toy with the small plant’s affections. Most times one or more supply has been cut off from the tree, so it cannot fight off the encroaching harmful fate destined to overtake it. The frost sets in and begins to go to work. It doesn’t take long for those trees which are weak to fall. Their few leaves begin to turn brown and fall helplessly to the ground while the trunk deteriorates and

falls victim to yet another one of the world’s cruel fates. But not all hope is lost. There are those few trees who can survive even the bitterest frost and the coldest, harshest winters. Their love is so strong that nothing can stop it. While the snow drifts like a silent killer, it calls upon the survival skills it has learned and puts them to good use. It isn’t long before it can overtake any obstacle cruel fate throws at it. By the time spring rolls around, the small tree is gone and in its place is a tall, strong, luscious evergreen. Throughout the winter, it has developed a covering of powerful antidote to ward off anything potentially harmful. All the snow had melted into moisture and the tree takes it in, exhausted from its hard fight against the elements to survive.