The culture of public speaking

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Relevance of research Is it appropriate now to study the culture of public speaking? Definitely, yes. After «growing cultural and educational potential and rhetorical activity of people, environmental problems are actualized human spirit – the creative person who wants to organic socialization in difficult conditions of market relations» [5, c. 49]. Ukraine joins the European and world commonwealth as an equal partner, and therefore the problem of positive education leaders, highly qualified specialists. Unfortunately, they sometimes lack the specialized knowledge, practical skills, abilities, particularly in business communications, creating a positive image of verbal means, the influential words of others. Genre laudable rhetoric is a means of effective communication,

creating a positive image of business man, so actualized interest in theoretical and practical rethinking of the classical heritage of rhetoric and national treasury. Focuses on the fact that mastering the art of living word – it's another step to freedom. Freedom to express our point of view, even knowing in advance that it agrees with the majority. Liberty, based on the belief that you will listen and that any alternative to your statements do not meet threatening or swearing. Freedom, without which in the modern information society is not possible as individual success and progress of state. Urgency of rhetoric (the science that studies the culture of public performance), as conditioned by linguistic science and universality of the language itself. After all, it raises man

above the world of nature, selects a man as an intellectual phenomenon that can learn, develop and create peace. It enables a person to realize himself, identified with the self, with the collective, society, nation, she models the doings pragmatics of everyday people. Impairment of language trivializes its speakers – speakers trivializes the nation and its spiritual culture. The urgency of the problem caused by the choice of theme essay «The Culture of Public Speaking.» There are many newspaper and magazine articles devoted to the research topic in question. First, Article Gromov [2] devoted to the issue of mastering the art of living words. G. Sagach [5] is a description of public speaking in terms of effective communication tool that creates a positive image. Some articles

and books about rhetoric as a science and a public speech in particular, wrote L. Macko, to consider the theme will use one of her magazine articles [3]. There are special tutorials for students of rhetoric, and highlighting the very problem we are considering. In particular, textbooks S. Abramovich [1] N. Golub [4]. A book Toman I. [6] covers many different aspects related to preparation for public speaking, presentation and substance of its own performance. Review of academic and popular scientific literature suggests that researchers interested in issues of cultural performance are not fading. The purpose of the essay: clarifying the essence of culture and public performance of its basic research aspects. Task summary: reveal the main stages of preparation to the speaker's

public speaking; explore and analyze the principles of public speaking; consider the features of the speech itself. The main part 1. Preparing for the speech To prepare for specific performance should take the following steps: 1) determine the subject and its title; 2) formulate a goal; 3) to find material; 4) explore and understand the selected literature; 5) record the reading. Preparing for the speech begins with identifying and clarifying issues. Any topic is part of a larger problem and is one of its parts. It is important to realize this and strive to understand speech in one immense. What should be guided by choosing a topic? First, you must be knowledgeable in the topic, have some experience. Second, what are you going to say, should be of interest to the audience.