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making one to believe and obey them. In conclusion, throughout the points, which are mentioned and given in details there are two major reasons for people to join cults, these are psychological and social reasons which are both connected to each other almost in every sense. And what one can easily understood from the given information is that the cults are not beneficial for the members but only for the group leaders or those social organisations. Their target groups are the people whom are in a search of fulfilling the emptiness in their lives, because it’s easy to manipulate these people rather than the ones whose mind are set. What should the families and the individuals do about this threat not applying pressure but paying more attention to their interests and sparing more

time to them. Sparing more time should be much better then losing them totally. Trying to help them, to make them feel that they are also adults and their ideas are important so as the others in the family can reduce the emptiness of the child. When this achieved there would not be any adult who is in emptiness since he or she would grew up in a healthier environment. Please do not let make your children find the happiness other then their Bibliography REFERENCES 1. Walsh, Yvonne; Bor, Robert. The Psychological Consequences of involvement in a new religions movement or cult. Counselling Psychology Quarterly March 1996, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p.47, 14 p, 3 Charts 2. Holmstrom, David. Cults; Internet (Computer Network) & Children. Christian Science Monitor, 04. 03. 1997, Vol. 89 Issue

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