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getting people to listen to her toher advantage when she charged Proctor’s spouse with being a witchso Abigail could live with John. This again proves that Abigailhad control of the town and the unexplained turned neighboragainst neighbor. The social breakdown in Salem was the major factor in the tragedythat took the lives of many innocent people. There was more thanone tragedy in The Crucible. The first was the murdering of manyinnocent people, and the second was that a community that was oncevery close had been broken apart. It appeared that the people ofSalem were like a family but isolation actually made them unableto adapt to a troublesome situation. If the community could havehad a greater influence from another group of people then thesocial structure would have been

able to adaptTragedy: TheDeterioration of Salem During the Witch TrialsThe Crucible byArthur MillerJohn Hudson 31f