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central figure of drama, but still seen as a Christian. That is why he needs to show the people of Salem that he really does not have an alliance with the devil and that he will die not as the enemy but as a friend. He must show them he is and was committed to the society before it started to become a ?corrupt? and confused community. Thus showing he will not live with shame, he will live without it or die. He does not want to be remembered like that, he wants to be remembered and looked upon as John Proctor, the simple and moral farmer, nothing more. John Proctor has two choices, to commit himself to one side or the other. The two choices were to either live with lies, guilt and no name, or die for his friends and in an honorable and justifiable way. As he is handed the

testimony and a pen to sign away his life, he realizes that he shouldn?t give into the corrupt ways of the unjust people, but rather stand up for what he believes in. He has to choose and his choice was to die which was a choice to commit himself to his friends and die honorable as an honest man. One thing he reflects on is this: ?I have three children – how may I teach them to walk like men in the world, and I sold my friends?? (The Crucible, 143). John will not be able to face anyone if he lives because they will see a liar, a coward and an unmoral man. If he were to sign away his friends, then he and his family would carry that forever and he would not be remembered as a friend, but rather as a foe. His choice to die will have him leave this world being remembered for his

honor, and dignity, not only to his family and friends but to himself as well. John Proctor?s frequent absences from church services didn?t exactly gain him favor in the eyes of other disciplined puritans. Having an affair with a young girl no less did not help matters much either. But by following his character and reading into him, it can be detected that he really was a just man. He was an imperfect human being like the rest of the town. He was made of flesh and therefore made mistakes like everyone else. But his intentions were for the good of his family. Because John came to the conclusion on his own and because it was a righteous and un-selfish act, John Proctors decision to tell the truth and be put to death for it is true and justifiable. 37e