The Crucible John Proctor Vs Abigale Williams

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The Crucible, John Proctor Vs. Abigale Williams Essay, Research Paper The Crucible, John Proctor Vs. Abigale Williams I think the best case scenario for John Proctor is he is a man and for a long time his wife was sick, and could nt give him what he desired so their love grew apart and he had to look elsewhere and he did nt have to look very far and he looked toward his maid Abigale Williams for she was attracted to him and it made the whole incedent all the more harder to refuse and and then he realized the mistake he had made as his wife was getting better she shunned Abigale from her household, but Abby did nt go quietly and she is still trying to minipulate John into leaving his wifeand it was making her more minipulative because she knew he would not leave his wife

without somekind of Brain Washing . And that is how I think John Proctor is a very good, and honest man because he saw his mistake although it was to late he did nt run from the problem or give into temptation he faced it like a strong man and starred it down in the face and dealt with the problem from it s source. But on the other hand the worst case scenario is that he was a grown man who should know right from wrong and still he let Abigale minipulate him and when he should have been caring for his wife he was looking for love outside of the household insted of helping his love get well and he spotted his mistake to late and he dealt with the problem the wrong way, he tried to make it go away and get back to life as if it didn t happen but he could nt because it was already to

late for that approach. I really applaude Elizabeth for forgiving a man who, while she was sick he was permisqous with her maid Abigale. So I think in this case John should have known the right choice before he had any relation with Abigale Williams and should have seen the religious consequenses before he even had the problem at hand and also should have stopped before it was to late. Now the hard part of this assignment is to defent the best case scenario for Abigale Williams because I think she is the one to blame for the whole incedent but I have to defend her so I guess I will. She was a very young girl and didn t know right from wrong yet so it should have been up to John to help her with the decision and not to use her or take advantage of her. Now I guess the easy part

for me, the worst case scenerio for Abigale Williams. I think it was Abby s fault that the whole incedent started and my reasoning for that conclusion is that the way she acts toward all the other charactures in the play and she is an evil, and miniacle person and that type of person is the reason that hysteria exists because they can feed the hysteria! They like to see people get hurt and can lie very, very well. In Abby s case I think she should be the one to get repremanded but I also think she should speak up and tell them she has lied and then tell the judge what really happened in the woods that night and hope the community doesn t kill her before she can leave town. so in the worst case scenerio Abby gets hung and the court stops the rest of the preceedings.