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money and left town and he feels guilty for the people who were accused by her and hung because of it. The court does not want to admit that they were wrong though, because they feel the people will rebel if they now come out and say sorry, we made a mistake . So, since they won t let Mr. Proctor go, they want him to confess to save his life, here another mini climax occurs because he doesn t want to sign a big lie. Since Mr. Proctor felt guilty about what he did in the past with Abigail he decides that now he will save his name with his pride and refuses to sign the confession. So the resolution comes with John Proctor s hanging, but it does not seem like anything is resolved, just that the people who accused the innocent people feel very guilty with what they did. 3.

Characterization: I think the best character development is the one of John Proctor, a farmer that lived in the town. He represents a person who is not perfect but tries hard to be responsible or his family and himself. He is a strong person who is not afraid to go against society because of what he feels. Since he disagreed with the Rev. Parris sermons he didn t go to mass and at first did not get involved with the witch hunts. This shows that he was his own person. The problem is that this caused him to be the main one to fight the court because he was not friendly with the people who made up the court. His motivation in the play is the search for the truth. He values his wife s love and the concerns of his children so he wants to be a good man. His conflict though is his past

affair with Abigail and because of this he is hesitant to fight the witch hunters and expose himself to the judgement of the town s people in order to save his wife and other innocent people who are accused. Mr. Proctors friends are only his wife and later Rev. Hale, who at first accused many people with Abigail but then saw how she was a liar and tried to save John Proctor. The growth of John Proctor is from someone who tries to find out who he is in the beginning of the play to a person that dies for what he believes in a society that wrongly accuses him. In the end he had what he wanted most integrity. He faced judgement but died in the end with the respect of his wife and those who originally accused him. 4. Point of View: John Proctor s view supports my thesis statement very

well because throughout the story he knew all along that the witch hunt was based on a huge lie from Abigail Williams. So he saw the hysteria and the injustice that was developing the entire time. He felt that the people of the court, Rev. Parris, Rev. Hale, Judge Hawthorne, and Governor Danforth were killing people in the name of God simply because of their fear of evil. They jumped to believe that Abigail was right and that the devil was responsible for all of the wrong in the town. And, even though John Proctor knew all of this and he was innocent he still died from the hands of the small group of wrong people who thought that they were doing the right thing. Theme The insight to life is not to be so quick to follow the majority, they are not always right. We should strive to

think for ourselves on an individual basis, we should not judge others because we all have faults, and we should always look out for the hysteria that comes from the combined fears of ignorant people. We should also realize that being an individual has bad effects sometimes and even though we might be right we have to be brave when fighting society because we will not always win. Conclusion I m glad that I read this play. Even though I ve been told to think for myself, I never saw such a good example of what happens when you don t. The play also had a lot of suspense. I couldn t wait to get to the end of the book to see what happened to the characters in the end. It was never boring. I will now be more aware of what happens when people are afraid of something and together try

wildly to get rid of what they think is the problem is. My older brother said that the play showed the same mentality of the German people during the Holocaust , and when I understood what he meant I say that it is a lot like the part in the movie Beauty and the Beast, when the character Gaston makes everybody crazy to kill the Beast just because Gaston feels that he is evil. The people did not think for themselves and belied someone else and because of that they almost killed the Beast, who was actually innocent. 320