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The Crucible Essay, Research Paper It had been a few years since I had last attended to play. I had just seen the movie version of The Crucible and was incredibly excited about getting a chance to watch a theatrical presentation of it. When I first heard that I’d get the chance to see it I was very excited that I could hardly wait. I must say, however, it was well worth the wait. Everything and everybody inside the auditorium was much more professional than I had assumed. I figured that this play would be nothing more than college students attempting a performance of a very famous play. I could not have been more wrong. From the ushers, to the performers, this play had every making of one on Broadway. I can honestly say, that I enjoyed this performance more than the last

play I saw, Cats, which I did see on Broadway, not too long ago. This performance was truly remarkable nudges because of the actors and people behind the stage, because it exceeded all my expectations. The behavior of all the personnel involved in this play was very professional. Through my studies class, I have come to realize how many people it takes to put on a production. Every person I came into contact with was very friendly and very helpful as well as very knowledgeable about what they were doing. The people working the box office were very helpful and informative and I was purchasing my ticket. They pointed me to all the seats that were open on the computer monitor. They also went beyond that, they showed me where to sit so that I would have the best view in the house. It

was almost going beyond the call of duty. Upon arriving at the auditorium, I showed my ticket to the doorman and was allowed to enter inside. I was a little late so an usher assisted me to my seat and gave me the necessary information to verify my attendance. The usher was also very friendly while he showed me to my seat. During the course of the play, but to note that the ushers remain by the doors in case anybody needed assistance. The audience in the theater acted and behaved exactly as would have been expected. I believe that as a whole, the audience became attached to the play and sat on the edge of the seats. They clap of those necessary, and they laughed on those necessary. It was a typical audience. And at the end of the play, they applauded with a standing ovation. The

action of the play was much like I remembered when I watched the movie a couple years back. Set in 17th-century Massachusetts, The Crucible, centers on the Salem witch hysteria. The trouble begins when a group of girls joined together in the forest for innocent fun. However, the Reverend of the town discovers the frolicking one night. He does not think much of it, until two of the girls who are in the forest dancing cannot wake up one morning. The town members determine that it was witchcraft which is kept the girls in their beds all this time. The girls are all questioned and told that if any of them say who summoned the devil into the forest they can all be saved. Before long the girls implicate each other as well as many of the other townspeople. Many arrests are made as word

of the witchcraft spreads. People are put on trial and told that they confess they can be saved. Many people are condemned and faced with this horrible situation. In the end three of the main characters are hung because other moral obligations to God, that they cannot confess to witchcraft. Of all the characters in this play, only two of them strike me as being worthy of praise. I like these two men because they hold their own beliefs and morals, and not fall into the popular beliefs. Judge Danforth is very respectable because of his authority. Although he condemned many innocent people to death, he remains one of my favorite characters in this play because he held true to his beliefs. Many people were hanged to just to prove that his word was authoritative even though it was