The Crucible Essay Research Paper Is Vengeance

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The Crucible Essay, Research Paper Is Vengeance Enough? You are pulling Heaven down and raising up a whore! (Pg. 50). This quote shows how someone s private motives for something, can have consequences on other people s lives. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller many people use their vengeance against their friends to get what they want. Abigail William s, Reverend Paris, and Mr. Putnam do this by lying to the court and casting their nabor s to death. Don t lie, she comes to me while I sleep; she s always making me dream corruption s! (Pg. 44). This quote shows how Abigail William s tries to place her blame on someone else for a sin she committed. Abigail William gets caught dancing naked in the forest and to stop herself from getting into trouble she blames it on Tituba.

Abigail said Tituba send her soul upon her and tried to get her to sign the devils Black Book. Abigail also blamed many other people for being witches including Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of the man she loved and had an affair with. Abigail was a servant in John s house and she and him had an affair which his wife found out about. After this Elizabeth kicked Abigail out of the house and Abigail claimed Elizabeth to be a witch, so Elizabeth was arrested. These facts all show how when Abigail William s wanted something, she plays with other people s lives to get what she wants. I can only say sir, that I have never found any off them naked… (Pg. 105). This quote shows how the reverend of the town even tells lies to protect his motives. Earlier in the play the Reverend Paris told

the Reverend Hale that he saw his girls dancing naked in the forest. This reverend did not want to loose his good name in the town so he lies to protect his belongings. The Reverend also knew John Proctor and Abigail William s had an affair. Since Reverend Pairs took Abigail in after she left the Proctor s, Reverend Paris lied to make it look like he was doing a good job raising the child. The Reverend Paris also did not like John since John did not like the way he preached in church. So to protect his good name Reverend Paris lies to the court and says he did not see the girls dancing naked and that he thinks John is a witch. These events shows how one man s motives to protect his good name can make him try to ruin other good names. Why, we are surely gone wild this year. What

anarchy is this? That tract is in my bounds, it s in my bounds… (Pg. 32).This quote shows how another mans greed with his own private motives can lead to consequences far beyond other people s lives. Mr. Putnam is always trying to get the land of Giles Corey. Since Giles own so much land and is was next to Mr. Putnams, Putnam would constantly try to extend his boundaries to get more land for him self. Mr. Putnam made his daughter cry witch on Giles wife so then Giles would loose his land and Putnam would be able to take or buy it. Many other court cases of Giles land failed for Mr. Putnam but he continued to try and take the land. Giles had been in many court cases with Mr. Putnam before. With all of the court cases Giles knew the law and is he never cried witch the land would

be given to his son. Mr. Putnam made his daughter cry witch on Giles wife and Giles lead an uprising vs. the court and was stoned. But because Giles never confessed his kids were able to take his land. The private motives of Mr. Putnam show how he can have consequences far beyond other people lives. The people of Salem were greedy, they use their children to cry witch on people just to fulfill their private motives. This shows how powerful people s motives can be to get them what they want. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the reader is shown how a mans private motives can often have consequences far beyond his or other people lives.