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with Abigail and Mary when Abigail sees a “big bird”. He then runs into the lake and is in hip level with the water. The music stops, and the shot is quite distant looking down on him like God. Proctor is isolated from the rest and shouts out “God is dead!” at the same time as he raises his arms. Ironically, John is baptised in the water. For me, Hytner and the film crew very well made this film, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked the parts when it had a lot of tension so it made you think, “What´s going to happen next?” because it makes you more interested in the film. The parts that I liked best were when Abigail cries out that there´s a bird in the air and the part where Elizabeth get called to the court and she lies. This is because in these scenes, there

were lots of good camera angles to express the characters emotions and feelings. The location had a huge impact on it as well. The thing about the film that doesn´t make it perfect is that it puts too much focus on infidelity of the central character, when it should emphasise battle for John´s conscience.