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the whole village. The village is very small and behind it is a massive lake. There could also be connection with the timing of the conjuring with the full moon in the sky. This suggests that they could believe in witchery. This particular shot is very panoramic. All of the girls seem very excited when they eventually reach the forest and start to giggle. The camera is in a mid shot position moving at the same pace as the girls running. This effective technique is called tracking, which makes the audience more involved with the action by giving an impression of movement. It has some aspects of a view through the trees and branches as if they are being secretly monitored. They all gather up in the middle of a pre made fire possibly by Tituba because she was there first. The camera

is now in an over head shoot and pictures them running towards the fire with Betty getting there first to give Tituba a hug to greet her. Tituba raises her arms in the air and slowly lowers them to signify that she is in control and the girls follow her instructions by getting down on a crouching position. Tituba then has an evil laughter which some of the girls replicate. An over shoulder shot behind Tituba is now facing Abigail which shows unlike all the other girls, her being nervous and tense. They all answer to Tituba when she says, “What do you bring me?” by placing their arms out and holding the item that they brought with them earlier on. Abigail stands out from the circle of girls because she is not so excited and does not place her arms out just like the rest. The

camera moves around the girls as they say a name of what seems to be a boy they fancy and drops the item (flowers) into the boiling and steamy cauldron. As they go round Abigail´s eyes are fixed and she seems as if she is in another world. When they have all placed their item into the cauldron, Betty and another girl are the odd one out because Betty does not call out a name and the other younger girl throws a frog into the cauldron. This could be due to their age and possibly maturity, because of the boys that they fancy. The Camera is in a birds-eye view when Abigail gets up to exchange the chicken in the bag with Tituba. Now the audience can see some white stones arranged, probably in the form of letters that surround the cauldron. These add to the creepy and ghost like

feeling. The music´s speed has dropped very low with a flute playing while it pictures Mary out of the crowd, and feeling lonely and cold at the same time. The camera is then focused on the chicken´s head in a birds-eye viewpoint perspective with Tituba slinging it round and round. While this is happening, the camera has just suddenly popped out of a bush facing straight on at Mr Parris. Mr Parris seems confused and looks at the floor, then looks up again and carries on walking. Now we can see Tituba laughing and the camera moves back onto Mr Parris at another part of the forest making his way towards the girls. The camera is now tracking Mr Parris, so this has created tension and climax for the audience. Whenever the camera faces Parris, you hear loud dancing and music. This

enhances the feelings of suspense, danger and excitement. The closer Mr Parris gets to the girls the louder and more intense the music gets, and the more enraptured the viewer becomes. The Camera goes back to the girls and Tituba in the forest as they are listening to Tituba chanting a song that seems to be in her native language while the girls are slowly swaying. Again, Abigail is the odd one out by sitting in the middle feeling intense and staring at Tituba. A girl then lashes out with, “Make a spell on Joseph Baker, Tituba!” and another follows by saying “Make Daniel Pool my husband!” while another says, “Bring me Adam Town”. They all start to say their wishes and when the camera zooms in on and focuses on Abigail, the other girl says, “Get her John Proctor.

This shows that all of the girls know about her and John Proctor´s affair. They then scatter off with Abigail whispering a word to Tituba maybe due to Abigail´s concerns. They both look at each other face to face and Abigail instigates the chicken. All the other girls start to panic and run. The music heightens the emotions of the girls and reaches intensity with the ritual. During the stripping off of Abigail, this gives an energetic, playful image breaking free from all of the taboos, rules and repression of the community in which they live. If you were on stage you would have been told via the dialogue that the events of the previous night were the cause of Betty´s afflictions. Another scene that I found particularly interesting was the part when Abigail accuses Tituba of