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children since they will persecute me for the loss of their dear father. My friends will also turn against me since they too will accuse me of not helping to save John.There is now but one ray of light entering the cell from the full moon outside. This light is centred on her pale drawn face and she starts crying hysterically.ELIZABETH: I cannot face the future without my beloved husband. I must join him.( She then proceeds to undo her scarf from around her neck, and ties this in the shape of a noose. She struggles to push the stone bench towards the cell window. Standing on the bench she places the noose around her neck, and then ties the end around one of the bars of the cell window.) John, I am coming to join you.(Now the pained expression disappears from her face as she

contemplates her fate. With new found strength, she kicks the bench away from beneath her feet, and she falls agonizingly as the noose tightens around her neck).In her half conscious state, she hears the sound of voices becoming increasingly louder. She hears Danforth speaking.DANFORTH: You have but five minutes to say your good-byes, John Proctor, and no more.PROCTOR: I thank you sir for these precious minutes.( Elizabeth then hears? John calling her name and his footsteps running towards the cell). Elizabeth! Elizabeth, my beloved! Danforth has allowed me one last kiss before I meet my maker.( He enters the cell and sees Elizabeth hanging from the cell window and cries in anguish. Grief stricken, he screams) My God, why have you forsaken me.(He rushes to Elizabeth and attempts

to remove the noose. Elizabeth opens her eyes and looks longingly into John?s distraught face)ELIZABETH: John (She whispers hoarsely, and wrongly believing that John has been reprieved, she croaks)I give you to Abigail now and I ask you both to take care of our children.Danforth drags John Proctor out of the cell with John crying hysterically. The lights go out as THE CURTAIN FALLS Lucie Carr 4G