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The Crucible Essay, Research Paper A cell in Salem jail, after Proctor and Rebecca Nurse have been escorted by Herrick, Danforth, Hathorne and Cheever to their unwelcome fate. Hale and Elizabeth are left in the cell alone, both are weeping continually for a long period of time. The drums have ceased and they are left in a deafening silence. The sun pours in through the window lighting the dark, rat-infested cell, revealing the dirty stained, scratch covered walls. ? HALE:(He clears his throat, wipes his eyes, and tries to recover a sense of normality. He ponders over the events of the past few minutes and then speaks aloud the thoughts that are going through his head). He will be in a place of happiness now, Goody Proctor. The forces of the devil will be upon him no more.

(Rises up to face Elizabeth, who sits motionless with her head buried in her hands).ELIZABETH:(She raises her head slightly, but continues to stare at the black, dusty floor. She has ceased crying and has a vacant, blank expression on her face). Yes.(She says in a barely audible whisper)HALE:(Gaining confidence). You could have stopped it Goody Proctor. (Elizabeth turns to face him with a look of despair). Now he will be condemned to the noose, and it were possible for you to prevent it. (Elizabeth widens her eyes, and a frown appears on her furrowed brow). If only a confession had passed through his lips. If only you – ELIZABETH:(Angrily, as though Hale?s words had penetrated her heart with a sharpened sword) Hale! How could you say that! You know full well that anything I

could have said would not have been heeded by his persecutors. His death had already been decreed and John would not have sold his soul to the devil to save his life.HALE:(Moves forward towards Elizabeth and points his finger in a menacing manner) You had the power to save John. You could have persuaded him to change his beliefs. What is the benefit of being righteous when the end result was to be hung by the neck until he was dead. What has been achieved -ELIZABETH:(Interrupting Hale she too rises from her seat and angrily confronts him). Yes, his soul may now be in heaven and his strong beliefs in telling the truth may have left a grieving widow and fatherless children, but we can hold our heads up high in this community in the knowledge that the name of John Proctor now stands

for everything that is good and honourable.With this Elizabeth turns away from Hale while she contemplates the virtuous words she has spoken of her husband and it is with some disdain that she recalls John?s infidelity with Abigail, but she keeps these sad memories to herself.HALE:(Realizing that he has upset Elizabeth, his attitude changes, and he moves to console her by bringing her head to his chest). I am sorry, truly sorry. John was a good man and he will be sadly missed. (He now realizes that Elizabeth should be left alone to her sorrow and bids to leave). Elizabeth, I have urgent business to attend to. You should now go home to your children. They need you more than ever. I shall go now but if ever you need me, I am at your behest.Hale turns to leave the room, and walks

slowly out through the large wooden door. His footsteps can be heard down the long corridor.Elizabeth is now left alone deep in thought. The room is getting darker as the day draws to an end. She sits her weary body down on the now cold stone bench, and considers how different the events of the day could have been.ELIZABETH:(Speaking aloud ). Was Hale right in what he said? Should I have persuaded John not to tell the truth? (Her face becomes distraught, her eyes narrow and her body becomes racked with pain) John! John! John! ( She screams) I have forsaken you. You have gone and I am left with my own self pity. I could have saved you but now it is too late! (She beats her chest with clenched fists and cries aloud) There is nothing left for me in this life. How can I face my