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Hale. “Why it is simple. I come to do the Devil’s work. I come to counsel Christians they should belie themselves” (Miller 131). This displays the remorse and sympathy that Hale began to feel for the innocent people that had been imprisoned due to the false accusations that were made by the young girls. Throughout McCarthyism many people felt this remorse and sympathy for those that were falsely accused, but many people were to afraid to voice their opinions and express the remorse that they felt. One of the few people that said what they felt about McCarthy and McCarthyism was President Truman. He was quoted as saying ” Rise up and put a stop to this terrible business Take the lead against the hysteria that threatens the government from within.” (Lately 228). This

displays Truman’s call for help in disabling the anti-Communist Joseph McCarthy. Within both the Salem witch hunts and the anti-Communist movement there is a visual sign of sympathy that eventually led to the end of each respective event. While looking throughout history it is possible to retrace events and see where society has repeated their mistakes. Two of these events that are different in some ways, but similar in more, are the witch hunts that took place in Salem during 1692 and the era of McCarthyism brought on by an anti-Communist movement led by Senator Joseph McCarthy. Among the many similarities between the two events are the way in which it effected the lives of those who participated, the questioning that was brought upon the people that were accused, and the

manner in which each event came to an end through the realization of how unnecessary it really was. The Crucible by Arthur Miller does an excellent job of creating the analogy between the two, very separate, events. 340