The Crucible And Guilty By Suspicion Essay

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The Crucible And Guilty By Suspicion Essay Essay, Research Paper The Crucible & Guilty by Suspicion Essay Imagine the feeling one must have if all they ever knew or loved was torn away from themin an instant as a result of an untrue decree. This is the feeling that John Proctor, the maincharacter from the play, The Crucible, experienced as he was making important decisionsaffecting his life during the Salem Witch Trials. Another character, David Merle, from the movie, Guilty by Suspicion, experienced the same feelings as he became involved in the American RedScare. Both of these characters underwent a crucible, thus they both experienced a severe trial ortest. In my opinion, I believe that John Proctor faced a more difficult struggle compared to DavidMerle. In John

Proctor s situation, John was convicted by the theocracy, a government ofofficials regarded as divinely inspired, of having dealings with the devil. He was later given achance to save his life by confessing to having dealings with the devil. John now had two choicesto make, this was his crucible. He could either testify to the government that he had dealings withthe devil, which would be a lie, or he could testify to the government that he was innocent tocompacting with the devil, which would be the truth. Consequences of Proctor lying would be hislife saved, his family being saved, keeping his possessions and job, but losing his dignity.Consequences of Proctor telling the truth would be a hanging to his death, but being done withkeeping his integrity. In David Merle s

situations, David has been called upon by the House Committee onUn-American Affairs to testify about his relations to the Communist party. David now had twochoices to make, this was his crucible. He could either testify to the American Government thatcertain friends of his are Communists, which would be a lie, or he could testify that he is not aCommunist, and not incriminate his friends by giving their names out. Consequences of Merlelying would be keeping his normal life, job, and possessions, he would be directing a new film,spending more time with his son, but not keeping his integrity. Consequences of Merle telling thetruth would be going to jail, loss of job and possessions, being denied the right to work and earn a living, a loss of friends, but all with keeping his

dignity. Both of these characters are now being faced with a difficult situation; they both need tomake decisions that will affect the outcome of their lives. What factors will these two characterstake into consideration while contemplating their decisions. Some people will choose their familyand career over honor, while others will do vice versa. In turned out that John Proctor decided totell the truth; he was hanged to his death and lost all that he loved. David Merle made the samedecision; he was sent to prison and lost his family, friends, and career. Both of these characterstold the truth because they thought of their integrity to be paramount over all other factors. John Proctor faced the more difficult struggle in my opinion because he had to make agreater sacrifice to

keep his integrity, his life. But why is it important for an individual to keeptheir integrity? To understand integrity, one must also understand impeccability. Impeccabilitymeans that every action one takes, every communication one says, must be with the intent toperfectly align with the person that one wishes to become or are in the process of becoming.Impeccability then leads to integrity. Integrity is the by-product of impeccability. Integrity meansthat one s actions are aligned with this perfectly balanced aspect of who one is. Integrity is theidea of walking one s talk, staying in the heart, and not being afraid of being one s full self even ifone thinks it may hurt another. Integrity is important to keep because it is the only thing that onepossesses that defines their