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The Crucible Analysis Essay, Research Paper Arthur Miller portrays a world corrupt with vengeance and malevolent intent in his play “The Crucible.” The play follows the lives of John and Elizabeth Proctor and the entire Salem community, as they battle accusations of witchery. As Elizabeth is accused of witchery by Abigail, a young girl seeking revenge. The society of Salem testifies to the accusations in fear of being accused themselves lest they mark the girl, Abigail Williams, false. The characters battle not only with the ones accused of witchery, but the demons of guilt lurking within themselves. Although marked to be practicing black sins, Elizabeth Proctor was a woman knowing nothing but the truth and was determined to preach it, no matter what the consequences.

Abigail Williams had been an aide to the Proctor’s, but was released after only a few months. John Proctor began having an affair with Abigail while she was present in his household, and Elizabeth aimed to rid of the problem. Abby then wished to be rid of her and claimed John as her own (Proctor) “She wishes to dance with me on my wife’s grave!” (106), so Abigail accused Elizabeth of witchery, with the evidence of a poppit with a needle shoved into it’s stomach. When Reverend Hale addresses John and Elizabeth after the accusation he says “It’s said that you hold no belief that there may even be witches in the world. Is that true, sir?” (John) “…I cannot believe they come among us now.” (Hale) “And you, woman?” (Elizabeth) “…I cannot believe it… If

you say that I am one, then I say there are none.” (67) Elizabeth knows that Abigail and the others girls are pretending when they find “evidence” that she is a witch; she and her husband are two of the only voices of reason and truth in Salem. Elizabeth and John are desperate to find a way to save Elizabeth’s life; later in the court, Elizabeth is said to have been found pregnant. Elizabeth’s pregnancy may have been planned to keep her alive for a time with her husband. The Proctors know that there is no way that they will be able to overcome the courts and prove to the judges that the girls are frauds, so they devise a scheme to keep Elizabeth living. Elizabeth was an honest woman who loved her husband, although he had committed lechery. Elizabeth had been suspecting

John of knowing Abigail Williams for seven months as the play opens; yet, she denies she has any suspicion of him in hopes of putting an ease on her husband’s weighted heart. John feels guilty about his affair, and it puts a strain on his relationship with Elizabeth. He, however, is determined to end the affair, when he confronts Abigail. (Abigail) “Give me a word, John. A soft word.” (Proctor) “No, no, Abby. That’s done with.” (Abigail) “…I am waitin’ for you every night…” (Proctor) “…Abby, you’ll put it out of mind. I’ll not be comin’ for you more… I think of you softly from time to time. But I’ll cut off my hand before I ever reach for you again.” (19-21) John wishes to end the affair for his wife; he does love her, and he recognizes that

his relations with Abigail were a mistake. He doesn’t know that Elizabeth is aware of the affair, but she knows and it hurts her. She abandons her truthful reputation in court when confronted about the affair. (Danforth) “Your husband- did he indeed turn from you?” (Elizabeth – in agony) “My husband, he is a godly man, sir.” (Danforth) “Then he did not turn from you.” (Elizabeth) “He…” (Danforth) “To you knowledge, has John Proctor ever committed the crime of lechery?…” (Elizabeth) “No, sir.” (Danforth) “Remove her, marshal.” (Proctor) “Elizabeth, tell the truth!… I have confessed it!” (Elizabeth) “Oh, God!” (the door closes behind her) (Proctor) “She only meant to save my name!” (108-109) Elizabeth without a second thought was