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written in the play. The audio and visual aids were just a total improvisation by Miller. As the convicts were being escorted to the platform, not a word was spoken by neither the prisoners nor the crowd that was gathered around. The only thing that the viewer hears is sorrowful music. The viewer sees people speaking but does not hear anything. John proctor being hanged symbolizes the saying, “Be true to yourself.” This means that you can t lie to yourself. A person must believe in his/her self before anything else. At the end the only thing heard by the viewer is a rope swinging from side to side. This in it self says a lot. There weren t a whole lot of camera shots in this part of the movie. One caught was a high angle tilt. The camera is focused down on the platform from

way up above. Aside from that there were a few eye level shots and a low angle tilt. This was when the crowd was looking up at the platform. In conclusion, people tend not to notice other things in a movie aside from the plot. If one was to pay a little closer attention, the movie might turn out better than ever. This is living proof that some things just go unnoticed. Yet movies are still a valuable part of the entertainment world. If entertainment did not exist, the lives of people would certainly be boring.