The Crown Of Diamond Overview Essay Research

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The Crown Of Diamond: Overview Essay, Research Paper 1. Author? Sir Arthur Conan Doil. 2. Setting? Baker Street, Threadneedle street, and Streathham in London England. 3. Identify the theme of your book? The theme is to never misjudge people until proven guilty. 4. Story? One morning, a well-known gentleman went into a bank in London, and was received immediately by Mr. Alexander Holder, head of the bank. He asked for a loan of fifty thousand Pounds. Mr. Holder asked him to present collateral to cover that large sum of money; the man showed him a crown that belongs to the country. Knowing the risk, Mr. Holder agreed to lend the gentleman that large sum of money if he pays it back in a few days. After the gentleman left Mr. Holder decided to keep the crown all the time near by

him, so he took the crown to his home in Streatham. There he lived with his only son Arthur and his niece Mary who was an orphan. He told them about his story with the crown of diamonds. When the father was going to sleep, Arthur asked for two hundred pounds. He refused to give him thinking his son was spoiled by his rich friends who had nothing to do except watch horses. Before going to sleep, he went to check that all windows and doors were locked. He saw Mary at a side window at the hall. She closed it quickly, and Holder noticed that she looked anxious. After he went to sleep, he heard some noise that woke him up; he waited until he heard it again coming from his sitting room. He jumped out of his bed and saw his son holding the crown broken from the side and three diamonds

were missing. In grief, he accused Arthur of being a thief and a liar. Meanwhile Mary came in and seeing the crown fainted. Arthur asked if he could leave for five minutes but Holder refused and called the police to take his only beloved son to jail. The police searched the house but could not find anything and advised Holder to get the help of Mr. Holmes the famous detective. Mr. Holder went to Mr. Holmes in a hysterical manner. He was calmed down and started to tell him his mystery. Then Holmes asked him whether any one visits them, no one replied Holder except for Arthur?s friend George Burnwell. He added that Mary does not go out of the house, which seemed strange for a young lady but her uncle thought of her as a pleasant and quite girl, and thought of his son of being

guilty. Yet Holmes did not agree and told them if he were he would make up a lie and never keep silent. Mr. Holmes went to search the house especially from the out side knowing the police did not do that. After searching thoroughly, he found footsteps with drops of blood leading away from the house. He went back to Baker St. disguised himself as a beggar and went to Sir Burnwell?s house. He was told by the servant that his master had a cut over his eye. Luckily he was in time to beg for old clothes and had a wet old pair of shoes which he took to Mr. Holder?s garden and found it to be matching the footsteps on the snow. The next day Mr. Holder went to Holmes telling him that Mary has run away leaving him a note stating that she will never come back and that her future is

provided. Then Holmes asked Mr. Holder for three thousand pounds and in return gave him the three diamonds with a piece of gold which Holmes brought from Sir Burnwell after a fight. Mr. Holder was happy to know that his son is innocent but sad that Mary helped George steal the crown and that was the reason of her standing by the window, fainting, and later running away with him.