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The Crime Of The Century Essay, Research Paper The Crime of the century There are few crimes in the world’s history that can be categorized as the crime of the century; one crime that does hold this title is the assassination of the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. There are many theories as to who was behind the murder of JFK. History books tell us that a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, fired three shots from the eastern most sixth floor window, of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) Building on November 22,1963, fatally wounding President Kennedy. Contrary to what the history books say, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK, and that there was a conspiracy, headed by top officials

of the U.S. government, to not only kill President Kennedy, but cover the crime up. In order to prove that there was a conspiracy plot to kill JFK, one must first prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill him. Oswald would have been unable to fire the shots from the sixth floor window. A bystander in Dealey Plaza that day, Abraham Zapruter captured the entire horrific scene on video. “The Zapruter film clearly fixes the time of the first shot at frame Z-189 There is a huge oak tree in front of the book depository building. In November 1963 that tree was so large that it made it impossible for anyone to have lined up a shot from the Oswald Window at Z-189 (Prouty 9).” If Oswald could not have fired the first shot, than who did? There is photographic evidence provided by the

Zapruter film to prove that there was a shot. Oswald’s “lair” was not in a position that he could have taken this first shot, meaning someone else was firing that day; a second gunman. That alone is evidence enough to give Oswald’s presumed guilt a reasonable doubt, which would have made him a free man in a court of law. That, though is not the only evidence in Oswald’s favor. “An officer dashed into the TSBD within a moment of the shots, and there, along with the manager of the building, found Oswald drinking a coke on the second floor. Oswald would have had to have dashed down the stairs from the sixth floor and they would have noticed if he had been winded. Later, when others tried to duplicate the feat of coming down from the sixth floor, it was found to be

impossible in the time span available (Groden 20).” It is highly unlikely that a person would kill the President of the United States and less than two minutes later calmly have a coke! The reason that Lee Oswald was on the second floor having a coke, he did not kill President Kennedy. There is a substantial amount of evidence that leads one to believe that there was more than one gunman in Dealey Plaza on November 22,1963. The most over whelming piece of evidence that supports there being two gunmen in Dealey Plaza was created by the Warren Commission (The Warren Commission was a government appointed group of individuals that were to cover-up, excuse me, investigate the assassination). This evidence is what has been called the “magic bullet theory.” As stated earlier, it

was concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at the president. One of the bullets was the headshot that fatally wounded the president. Another bullet missed the car and struck a curb were cement fragments hit and injured a bystander. That leaves just one bullet to account for seven wounds between President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally (Connally and his wife rode in the car along with president and Mrs. Kennedy). This is the “magic bullet.” The bullet entered the back of the president (wound #1) and exited from his throat (wound#2). The bullet then entered Governor Connally’s back (wound #3) and exited his chest (wound #4). Next the bullet enters Connally’s wrist (wound#5), exits from his hand (wound#6), and ends it’s journey in his thigh (wound#7)