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The Creole Crontraversy Essay, Research Paper Creole Controversy Many different definitions, as well as beliefs, have been formed for the term ?Creole?. The text book definition is ?one that is native to the New World?. Euro-Colonial settlements around the world defined the term differently, and the meanings have altered over time. During the pre-civil-war time, people of racially mixed ancestry such as Spanish and French, were considered ?Creole?. In New Orleans, the French/Spanish descendents celebrate the French Revolution and customs that make New Orleans what it is today. Some people in Louisiana formed the definition of what a Creole is from personal experiences, and what surrounded them while growing up. There were not necessarily white or black. In New Iberia, the

term was used to distinguish a certain group of people from ?Americans?. In the Caribbean Islands, this term was used specifically for those natives to the islands. When slaves were brought to the United States from the Islands, to Louisiana, the term Creole was used to depict a person that was native born to the area. This continuined the traditions started in their homelands of the Islands. Free blacks that were native to Louisiana used the term as well. Whites and blacks both used the term to define a specific cultural background. Not all agree on all explanations of the term. Some think that there are only mixed Creoles, but others think of themselves as Creole, and they are both white and black. The meaning changed over time. Creole is a term that is fading, although many

people still consider themselves Creole. The controversy over this term began many years ago, and continues to this day. Much controversy has formed over the term Creole between white Creoles, black Creoles, and mixed Creoles. During the Antebellum period, people began to be confused. The writings of George Washington Cable angered white Creoles. He stated in his writings that there were Creoles in all walks of life and social classes. While there were still many different definitions for the term, the white Creoles required a person to be of European ancestry to belong to this group. The white Creoles did not like black Creoles using the same term to define their specific culture. The white groups that identified with this term generally were a ?white-only? social group. White

Creoles did not like Creoles from mixed ancestry to use the same term without a color stipulation added to distinguish one group from the other. Mixed race ideas continued as well. The term today, is used in many different ways. Rather than just distinguishing one group of people from another, the term Creole has come to be used in commercial purposes. The cultural beliefs of all the groups that define themselves as Creole are strong and have deep emotional heredity, and will continue to be controversial.