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them in the act, and beat them up. So that night Willie went, and they never showed up. The Jo Boys came and set the school on fire. Willie beat up Kam in the dark with his cane, and then went back and got him before he burned in the fire. Kam got sent to a Juvenile Delinquent Center. Willie was a hero. Then the book cuts to graduation. Willie thanks all the people that helped him along the way, and the next day he heads home. When he gets there, his parents are divorced, his dad is a drunk. His mom has remarried to a guy named Don. His dad doesn’t want anything to do with him. Jenny is still angry at him because everyone thought that he was dead, and she felt guilty. He works things out with his family, and then goes to see his old house. When he gets there he sees a tiny

baby, in his room. He sticks his finger out for her to grab and she does. He begins to cry. The mother says that her name is Melinda. He says, “Thank-you, she’s beautiful”, turns around, leaves and head back to southern Oakland.