The Crazy Horse Electric Game Essay Research

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The Crazy Horse Electric Game Essay, Research Paper The Crazy Horse Electric Game The story starts of while they are playing their first baseball game of the season against the Crazy Horse Electrics. They decide to put beer in the opposition team’s water bottles as a prank, so that they could win. After that Willie decides to go fishing with his dad. They have deep conversations, and they start talking about why Willie’s mom does not fish like she used too. Then they get into talking about Missy, Willie’s little sister who died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). After that the book cuts into another baseball game, they are playing against the Crazy Horse Electrics. Sal, a big guy on the Crazy Horse, and Johnny get into a verbal argument, and then Johnny says

something personal about him and he wound up and decked Johnny one. They break it up and continue the game. When Willie was about to pitch he looses his balance and Sal hits a good pitch. Then out of pure luck and talent, Willie stretches himself out and robs Sal of a sure triple. Willie becomes a minor legend. On their way home from school Jenny and Willie hook up. Then on the weekend, Jenny, Johnny, Willie and his family decide to go to the lake. Willie and Jenny set the table for a picnic when Johnny is out skiing. Willies mom complains about him never being safe enough. Next it is Willie’s turn to water-ski. As Willie was doing a 360. turn, he caught the tips of his skis under the water and he crashed. Willies dad was in shock, Jenny had to give Willie mouth to mouth, and

save his life. The left the boat, got into the vehicle, and drove to the hospital. Willie ends up with a speech impediment, and problems walking. He ends up doing crazy things, like acid, and drinking. He talks to a counselor whom he really likes. Willie does not want to go into a Special Ed class that the school is referring him to. He feels hopeless, and even jealous of his girlfriend for her athletics. He tries to play racquetball, but his dad gets frustrated with him. That night he hears his parents arguing over him. He hears his dad say that he thinks it would have been easier if Willie had died in the accident. From there he suspects Jenny and Petey of getting together, and finds out that they are. Willie freaks out on Petey when he trips of Willies cane, and then Petey

unintentionally turns all of the attention over to Willie. Willie decides that night that he is going to run away. He goes to the bank, and tells the teller that he is going to buy a VCR, then he goes to the bus depot. He starts off on the bus with no regret, and no guilt. He arrives in Oakland, and has to take a bus transfer from there to get to the bus that will take him to San Francisco. On his way to the bus he meets a gang called the Jo Boys. They try to take his money, but when the bus came he jumped right on it to get away. They get on the bus too. He talks to the bus driver, and the bus driver says that he will try to stall the gang, but that’s about all he can do. So he tries to run away as fast as he can with his handicap, and they catch up, beat him up, and take all

four hundred dollars from Willie. Willie passes out. When he wakes up, there is the bus driver. He helps him up, then takes him to a restaurant where he agrees to let Willie stay the night, and ONLY the night. Willie ends up staying for good, under the agreement that he will clean up, and stay out of Lacey’s (The bus driver) way. Willie finds out when Lacey says Human Relations Management, that he is a pimp. The next day Lacey and Willie go to look at the school. Willie goes in while Lacy stays in the car. It is a private school, and the owner, Andr , offers free tuition as long as Willie will help keep it clean. Andr explains that the school is for people who have any handicaps, physical disabilities, or things that cause them to have learning problems. So Willie accepts and