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for Craig, in sense that if he doesn?t act the outcome is going to be the same as in case he reports the wrongdoings of the company, the only difference is that in latter case he would be acting ethically. If Craig attempts to rectify the situation he would most definitely lose his job and his scholarship, and would be given the epithet ? whistleblower. However that is nothing compared to the epithet such as unethical or immoral. From the reading I could sense that Craig knows what to do and what will be the best for him. I think he is an ethical person, and he will do the right thing and clear his name by reporting the situation to the top management or proper authorities. My family comes from small Montenegrin nation and there is one saying that is most prevalent there and

states, “It is better to lose life than to lose face”. In this case Craig might only lose his job and scholarship but once when you lose your face it impossible to get it back.