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genetic differences are remarkably small Mary Claire King and A. C. Wilson have observed some small differences under natural conditions. They have found that the regulatory system is what exactly differs the human from the chimps. ?Much of the genetic system must be devoted to setting the timing of these events-to turning genes on and off-rather than to the determination of specific traits. We refer to genes that control the timing development events as the regulatory system. King and Wilson therefore suppose that the primary genetic differences between humans and chimps lie in this all-important regulatory system.? Mentioned in ?A Matter of Degree? by Gould. (pg. 22, Ever Since Darwin, Gould) To sum up, there are some dissimilarities and similarities between humans and apes but

they do not give the exact answer of the question ?Are we descendants of apes or not?? Plenty of hypothesis and researches are carried out to get it. The discussion between groups sounds incredibly nonsense and seems like that will not stop forever. Not only the scientists and experts but also the creationists and evolutionists are making people confused about this subject. The truth is in the human mind. If we think logically we will be able to find the answer. And people should not spend this much time, money and attention on a subject, which is trifling like this crab.