The Courage Of Beowolf Essay Research Paper

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The Courage Of Beowolf Essay, Research Paper The courage of the great Beowulf Lived, no prince so mild, no man So open to his people, so deserving of praise. (lines 868-869) Beowulf is a book about a hero, a hero of Anglo-Saxon times. Anglo-Saxon time was a time of war and fighting between religious cultures. Through all of this came an epic about a hero named Beowulf. Throughout this poem Beowulf shows courage everywhere. Beowulf s conquers over his three enemies in this book, show the courage he had throughout his battles. In Beowulf s battle with Grendel his courage was reflected in his actions. Grendel first attacked an unarmed soldier who was sleeping. Beowulf was the next man to be attacked by Grendel. As soon as Grendel grabbed Beowulf though, Beowulf s courage was

shown. Then he stepped to another Still body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws, Grasped at a strong-hearted wakeful sleeper And was instantly seized himself, claws Bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm. (lines 320-324) He quickly broke free of Grendel, and with the sheer strength Beowulf showed, Grendel s first thought was to flee. Grendel s one thought was to run From Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there: (lines 330-331) Beowulf then quickly grabbed Grendel holding him ever so tightly. Even though men were beating at Grendel, they had no effect on him like Beowulf did. Grendel was now fighting for his life and he knew it. Grendel with all his might tried to defeat Beowulf, but couldn t because of the courage and strength shown by Beowulf. Beowulf with no weapon

but his bare hands and no armor but the clothes he happened to be wearing that day defeated Grendel. Beowulf defeated Grendel not for pleasure but to protect everyone from the terrible being. That mighty protector of men Meant to hold the monster till its life Leaped out, knowing the find was no use To anyone in Denmark. (lines 365-368) Beowulf did not kill Grendel though, showing honor he let Grendel go without killing him. Throughout Beowulf s battle with Grendel s mother, courage was presented and reflected through his thoughts. Beowulf heard of a female monster that was gruesome and dangerous. After seeing this great beast people asked Beowulf once again to save them from this terrible monster. Beowulf, not knowing if he would return or not, courageously excepted the

challenge. Beowulf then takes off over the lake to battle with Grendel s mother. As soon as he arrives, she swings with her claws at Beowulf, This time Beowulf with a weapon and armor, and punctures Beowulf s armor. From above had come to explore the bottom Of her wet world. She welcomed him in her claws, Clutched at him savagely but could not harm him, Tried to work her fingers through the tight Ring-woven mail on his breast, but tore And scratched in vain. (lines 474-479) She then carries the oversized Beowulf to her home. When they arrive, Beowulf realizes, That she d brought him into someone s battle-hall, And there the water s heat could not hurt him (lines 486-487) Beowulf with all of his strength took his sword, Hrunting, and tried to slice at Grendel s mother. The sword

did not have the effect he planned; it actually had no effect on her. Beowulf tried to think of someway of defeat her. So, Beowulf throws down the sword and fights her hand to hand. He raised His arms and seized her by the shoulder; anger Doubled his strength, he threw her to the floor. (lines 509-511) By thinking of the anger he possessed, he doubled his strength. Courageously Beowulf grabbed the shoulder of Grendel s mother and threw her to the floor with ease. She arose quickly and hit Beowulf with her mighty claws and threw him to the ground. Stabbing with her dagger, Grendel s mother could not penetrate the armor of Beowulf. Beowulf quickly gets up not knowing what to do and spots a heavy sword. Beowulf takes the sword and swipes with it at her, killing her instantly. When