The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexandre

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The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas Essay, Research Paper The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a story which begins in 19th centuryFrance. The Main character, Edmond Dantes begins the story as a happy man. He haseverything going for him. ?you?re a lucky man, Edmond, and you have a very prettymistress, sir? ?she?s not my mistress, sir ? ? she?s my fiancee.? This changes quickly whenDantes is imprisoned. Four people plot against him. The people are Gaspard Caderousse,he want?s Dantes imprisoned because Second was Monsieur de Villefort, He wanted to put Dantes into prison because Villefortfound out that Dantes had a letter from the island of Elba, that stated that villefort was aBonapartist. Villefort was afraid that this would ruin him in society. The third

person wasMonsieur Danglars. He wanted Dantes imprisoned because Dantes was younger, morecapable, more assured because he was a young man. Last but not least Fernand Mondego(alias the Count De Morcerf.) He wanted Dantes imprisoned because he loved Mercedesand he knew that he couldn?t have her. While in prison Dantes gained knowledge from a man named Abbe Faria. He alsolearned of a treasure on an Island. But soon Abbe died and Dantes slipped into Abbe?ssack and was thrown into the ocean. Dantes was prepared he had a knife and cut the sackopen and got the cannon ball off his legs and then he swam up to the surface, were therewere huge swells Dantes almost drowned if it wasn?t for a man named Jacob and his ship.This ship was a smuggling ship so Daunts began to smuggle. One day they

were huntingon an island and Daunts slips off in search for the treasure. But only taking a pocket fullof treasure. He then puts everything back as it was, then he goes back to the ship. Theship sails to Rome where he seeks revenge on Four People Caderousse, Villefort, Dangles,and Fernando. Later on old Madame Saint-Merino And Monsieur Saint-Merino werepoisoned by drinking glasses of orangeade. Then an hour later they died. They both wereburied side by side next to Renee. Then Villefort makes immediate plans for his daughterto marry France d?Epinay. But then Villefort find a letter that says that France is secretlyis a Bonapartist. And the Marriage is called off. The reasons for seeking revenge areCaderousse framed Daunts. He never came to Daunts aid when he was imprisoned.

TheDaunts escapes from prison and disguises himself as Babe Buskin and learns about theentire nature of Caderousse?s conspiracy against Daunts. So then Daunts gas two bodyguards France D?Epinay and Albert De Mercer. These two are seeking love in Rome. Soone night they stand guard over Daunts house. Caderousse tries to rob Mantis?s housebut does not succeed, he is stabbed by one of the body guards. Villefort gets revenge onVillefort by watching Villefort bury Bertuccio alive. But Daunts thinks it is gold so hegoes and digs it up and there is a baby inside. So he raises him up and then daunts goes toVillefort and tells him this is your son and then Bertuccio becomes the main key in thedivine justice and accuses and destroys Villefort forever. Dangles writes a letter assuringDaunts

imprisonment. Dangles becomes a very wealthy man by using illegal bankingmethods. The count , however, is more clever, and he gradually goes bankrupt. But hedisappeared and was captured by Luis Vamp, an old friend of Daunts. Daunts stripes 5million francs from his pockets and then was freed. Now he is an old and weak man,worst of all he is a penniless man. Fernando mailed that letter that Dangles wrote puttingDaunts into prison. He was hoping while Daunts was in prison he could marry Mercedes.Fernando became wealthy by betraying a high authority named Ail Pasha, whose daughterhe sold to slavery. When Daunts gains this knowledge he realizes information to thepressthat proves that Morcerf is a traitor. When all this treachery is exposed and his wifeand son run away he kills him