The Cost Of Human Life Is Too

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The Cost Of Human Life Is Too High A Price To Pay For Technological Advance Essay, Research Paper The cost of human life is too high a price to pay for advances in technology. This statement is true for many reasons. For example,innocent people are dying which isn t fair, the habitats of many wild species are being destroyed and technological advances can be achieved without the destruction of nature and life. There are many more reasons, but these three will be the basis on the topic. Firstly, referring to the movie, A Civil Action in which a small town is plagued with the disease leukemia. This disease has taken the lives of several children, and they can t figure out why. That is an example of innocent people dying, which could have been avoided. None of the children who

died deserved to. With respect to the cloning of people. If that is or when the experimentation of such does commence, think of all the people that will be tortured before they are successfully cloned. Society isn t even ready for the cloning of people, yet scientists still try to advance their technology. Technological advances are killing innocent people which is not in any way fair. Secondly, the habitats of many wild species are being destroyed. Referring again to the movie, A Civil Action , the land that the plant was on, was supposed to have been designated land for the wildlife but as Jan Schlickman noticed, he hadn t seen a single sign of wildlife. Moreover, since you need to expand to build a research center or testing site, etc., to advance technologically, people look

directly to the forests or prairie lands or marshes uninhibited by humans but by vast numbers of creatures that live there. These companies ignore that and kill animals themselves and many homes for the animals, just to build a plant. Technological advances will kill the habitat of wild species and eventually extinct them. Finally, there are many ways the world can advance technologically without the destruction of life. One being that if people weren t so lazy, sloppy and careless, anything that was toxic would be put away and cleaned up without any harm to the environment. Large companies do not have to destroy forests and wetlands to expand; they can just add on. There are many ways casualties can be avoided when the world s trying to advance; governments should enforce them.

In conclusion, human life is too high a price to pay for technological advances. Innocent people die for no reason, habitats of many wild species are destroyed and technological advances can be made without the loss of human life. If any companies are thinking of advancing technology right now, they should be making a plant that disposes of toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. Technological advances shouldn t be made if they are going to jeopardize the lives of innocent people.