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The Corner Stone Essay, Research Paper The Corner Stone Moshiur Rahman Period: 2 In the story, A Raisin in the Sun, Mama can be classified as a caring, bold and a person with great strength in her character. She kept the family together from falling apart. She is proud of herself and her family, never giving up what she believes in. She is the mot courageous person in this story. She kept everyone in obedience to God and his way; making Beneatha understand of her disbelief and rudeness. When Beneatha denied it, Mama made her say: ?in my mother?s house there is still God?. She secretly worked at other?s kitchen at this old age, trying to help the family. She was bold enough to buy the house in the white neighborhood. She wasn?t afraid to face what would be the outcome of it,

but anything for her family. She never lost faith in Walter. She believed in him. In addition, she is very caring and loved everyone. She watched out for everyone?s future, trying to make it better and lead them the right way. She did everything she could for the family from working at this old age; from a job at other?s kitchen to house works to giving up her own enjoyment. She sacrificed her pleasure for the family. The insurance money could have been used to go on a vacation or to enjoy it Moshiur Rahman somehow, but she bought the house, for everyone to have something to be proud, ?to step on the land they own?. Furthermore, she tried to keep the family together from falling apart. She held on to her hope and will, whereas others just gave up. She forgives Walter after all of

his rudeness and drinking. She still had faith in him. She talked to Walter, gave him the money to do something good with it and not to invest it on the liquor store. She supported Ruth?s pregnancy and convinced others. Not to let her go along with abortion. Moreover, she is very proud of her family and her past generations. She taught everyone to hold on to their dignity and pride. She was none-willing to sell the house for a better price. She made Walter stand up to Mr. Linder. She constantly fought to keep Ruth from getting rid of the body. She stands up to what she believes and best for the family. In conclusion, Mama is the most outstanding character in this story, when others gave up and showed hostility, she talked to them and made them understand. She guided everyone to a

better future and to follow what?s right for everyone; rather than just for one?s self only. She is focused, courageous and has great character. Mama is the backbone of the family. By me