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the offspring of their rapist. Abortion is necessary for women to have control over their own bodies and life. One activist said, “If I hadn’t had that abortion my life would have been a disaster. I wouldn’t have made it to medical school. I was married at that point to a very ill man and it would have been terrible to have to have my baby. People who need abortions are in some kind of turmoil and it’s really a life-saving thing.” Anonymous “I am glad I had my abortion because it gave me another chance to relive my life and my dreams. It also gave me another chance of my life and gave me back part of the pride that a person stole.” To ignore the rights of others is selfish. Women must have the right to control the functions of their own bodies. Sammy Garcia told the

council that the ordinance would have done little good. “Young women need the freedom to make choices for their reproductive life when their family can’t guarantee them parental support.” Women should not be forced to have babies they don’t want. They must have the right to decide what happens to them and have a safe and legal way of doing so. Women are in control of their own bodies and their lives. Legislators have no right to interfere with their own choices. The practical assertion that since pregnancy involves a woman’s body, the choice of continuing that pregnancy must be hers alone. Although abortion is considered murder by half of all Americans, Pro-lifers believe that human life begins at the moment of conception. When the merge of the egg and sperm is

complete, they are fertilized and known as the “zygote”. The zygote contains a full set of 46 chromosomes, which is required to create a human life. Scientists identify that at the moment of fertilization the ovum takes on an entirely different destiny, life. About 15,000 genes from the spermand ovum form a unique combination. This is nothing less than a new human life at its earlier stage of life. In the United States many infants will not make it to puberty, old age or even their second birthday. Just because of their shortened life, it doesn’t mean that it never existed. Dr. Nate Anderson stopped performing abortions after becoming aware of the horrors that he observed. “A woman has the right to go to bed with who she wants, but she can not choose death for her child.

It’s a direct violation of human rights.” Anthony Simpson has a photo of an aborted fetus and believes that abortion is nothing but a ruthless murder. In southern Kentucky, Robert Hollis brutally assaulted his wife in effort to abort the fetus he suspected wasn’t his. He successfully did so and Carroll believed Hollis set out intentionally to kill that fetus and that is in fact murder. A friend, Christina a graduate from high school has recently become pregnant and decided against abortion. She feels that it’s an innocent child inside of her. It has a brain and a heart therefore it also has a right to life. “Abortion is the unnatural end of pregnancy. That child has a right to life that is equal to the mother’s right. One cannot kill another human being just because

they wished it wasn’t around. Abortion is murder of the innocent practiced on a national scale. Overall it has been proven that the fetus is a real person and it responds to noise, has feeling and fears. To have an abortion will destroy an innocent life, which is directly connected to murder. It also kills a consequence that some one made and now not willing to take it. Scientific research has successfully shown that abortion causes many psychological side effects. It leaves the woman with many strong feelings about her decision. She may feel sadness, wishing things could have been different and grief for a lost life. Guilt arises because she knows a fetus represents an independent life. Anonymous “I feel that god will punish me when I want a baby he won’t give me one,

because it killed my first one.” Anger builds up towards other people having to do with their decision. Sometimes the mother may feel that she has in fact been abandoned. Most of the mothers feel ashamed and embarrassed about their actions. People close to the mother may be angry with her for ending her pregnancy and make it difficult for her to deal with. Anonymous’ mother ” At first I said that I disowned her but because I was embarrassed of her but then I realized that she needs my help.” Even years after the abortion, women tend to remember the regretful experience. The usually wonders of what the baby would have looked like acted like and when its birthday is. Thirty-three years old, Angela has had five abortions so far. She realizes now that they all left emotional