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The Control To Kill Essay, Research Paper The Control to Kill Guns are designed to kill. Some may say they are to protect, hunt, or even scare prospective thieves, but otherwise are designed to maim or kill either an animal or even worse a human being. Gun control is the starting point to eliminating dangerous and unnecessary firearms designed only to kill. However, strives are being taken to prevent the safety measures being put on gun control regulations. The constitution of the United States of America allows American citizens to own guns, but does this 200 year old standard allow for the senseless killing of innocent people by such military designed weapons such as an AK-47 or machine gun? One of the main things that has been done to regulate the amount of guns being put

into the hands of children was the signing of the Brady Bill. On November 30, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill into action. The bill was initiated after James Brady, press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, was shot and paralyzed in an assassination attempt on the president. Sarah Brady, Brady s wife, became an active voice in the fight for gun control which eventually to the Brady Bill ( Gun Control ). The Brady Bill law requires prospective gun buyers to wait five business days before they can purchase a gun. Under the law, local law-enforcement agents are required to give a background check on all prospective buyers of guns. This is to ensure that guns are not bought by people who are not allowed to carry firearms such as people who have been, convicted

of felons, minors, drug users and illegal immigrants ( Gun Control ). The effect of the Brady Bill has worked to some degree. More than 300,000 people have been barred the chance to buy guns. According to a survey conducted by the Justice Department it has been reported that somewhere in the proximity of 57 convicted felons are denied the chance to purchase firearms each day ( Gun Control ). In 1995 1,400 people were found dead due to firearm accidents. This is a 15% decrease from a decade earlier. Only 3% of fatal childhood incidents come from a result of firearms, which is roughly 200 deaths per year ( Gun Control ). Although these statistics are low something must still be done about these absurd fatal accidents. If people who think that gun control is nothing but a strike

against Americans constitutional right then they might think differently if they see the effects of firearms. The Brady Bill was designed to stop the rate at which handguns are being distributed onto the streets. In 1995 about 86% of gun homicides, approximately 13,600 were committed by people who had handguns (Jost). What happens when children get their hand on guns? Death is the inevitable answer. One will certainly remember the tragedy that beset the American society in May of 1998. A 15-year-old boy in Springfield, Oregon opened fire on hundreds of students during lunch at a high school. Together, four people were killed and twenty-two others were injured during the shooting. The young boy had a handgun, pistol, and a rifle ( Gun Control ). Since October 1997, similar

incidents have occurred in five other small towns Jonesboro, Ark., Fayetteville, Tenn., Edinboro, Pa., West Paducah, Ky., and Pearl, Miss. In each case, the assailants were young boys and in each case the weapons of choice were guns. All told, 16 people were killed and 47 others wounded in the five separate shootings ( Gun Control ). These shooting characterize what is being done with these weapons. If grown adults cannot handle dangerous weapons properly what makes a child or young adult so capable? Why are these children learning to fire guns and become excellent sharpshooters before they can drive a vehicle? Something must be done to prevent these shootings from happening in the future. More and more young people today are left home by themselves with weapons that kill. They