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The Contractual Model Essay, Research Paper The contractual model is the model in a professional client-relationship that shows the most trust within any of the professional-client relationships. For this model to work there must be a large amount of trust within the two parties since the choices are made collectively by each of them. There are many aspects in which this is the model that is the most appealing for perspective clients. Other than the trust factor there are many other reasons that it is so appealing to them, such as the ability to believe in each other enough to speak of subjects that are of a more personal nature, which may not necessarily have to do with the subject that started the professional client relationship. The contractual model helps the client to

retain some dignity as well. While they are able to forge this relationship with whomever, and whatever field the professional is in they are able to keep some dignity since within this field the client is involved in the decision making. This is not just a perfunctory ability to make decisions, the client really has a say in the making of the decisions, in the other models there may be some decision making coming from both sides of the relationship but there is not the feeling that is going on between the two sides as there is going on during the contractual model. It is only within the contractual model that the sharing of responsibility and ethical authority, even though this is apparent within this model it is not in all the others, this is one of the outcomes of the

relationship that is forged. The contractual model is most apparent when looking at the field of medicine. It is much easier to have both sides come to an agreement on the choices at hand than it would to do this within a field with out as many choices. It may seem odd that the field with a seemingly infinite number of pills, doctors and opinions would be the easiest to come to an agreement within the relationship, but one has to look at it in a different sense. With a field without many choices there may too large a gap between the thoughts, needs and expectations that are wanted between the two sides of the professional client relationship. In the field of medicne it is much easier to come to a comprimise since there are so many choices that can be looked at. Even though there

may be a large discrepancy within the relationship with all of the choices if the field it would be much easier to meet somewhere in the middle and come to a comprimise that both sides of the relationship can be happy with. There are many reasons why the contractual model is the most appealing to perspective clients. Yet each of them falls back to the trust factor. If one is not able to trust its professional then it would cause sever problems within the entire professional field. With the trust factor set in completely there are many other aspects that gain credibility within the field from it. The contractual model is based on trust and other personal aspects within the relationship that has been forged between the client and the professional.