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the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others (Lasser, 15). Here, Madison is referring to the fact that each branch will use its own motives to check and balance the other branches. James Q. Wilson also agrees, he says of James Madison: To him and others at the Philadelphia Convention, the proper way to keep government in check while still leaving it strong enough to perform its essential tasks was to allow the self-interest of one person to check the self-interest of another (American Government, Wilson, 22). Madison and the other framers believed that liberty could be preserved by allowing the selfish interest of people to check and balance each other. Hence, sharing powers was also an intended objective of the Constitutional

Convention of 1787. In conclusion, despite one observer s assertion that ” The Constitutional Convention of 1787 is supposed to have created a government of separated powers. It did nothing of the sort. Rather it created a government of separated institutions sharing powers,” the Constitutional Convention actually created a government that has separated powers as well as separate institutions sharing powers. The framers desired to create a government that was divided into branches, rather than having one sole entity control all power. Instead, the framers divided the government into three branches that possessed separate and distinct powers. In addition to the separate powers, the framers granted each branch specific powers to check and balance the other two branches;

therefore, America s civil liberties and protection against tyranny was ensured.