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The Constitution Essay, Research Paper The Constitution and who it belongs To When Thomas Jefferson signed the Constitution, there was a big reason why he believed it would endure. Having written the Declaration of Independence based on John Locke’s ideas, as well as playing a large role in the Congress and being President, Jefferson had good faith in the constitution’s structure, the beliefs it was based on, and the people that would help to back it up. In writing the doctrine, the founding fathers knew that it must stabilize the current disunity that had been plaguing the nation since the end of the War, but at the same time not become outdated or too unrealistic. Thus, one of the methods used to achieve this was the poetic opening, the preamble. By stating what the

constitution was intended to do, it can remain an important part of government. “In order to form a more perfect union” reminds us to never settle for less, to strive to be the best in the world. “Establish justice”, that no one person can be denied a fair trial, and to carry out justice to the furthest extent of the law. “Insure domestic tranquility”, that the nation will be at peace w/one another, unlike during the Articles of Federation. The list goes on. To further insure it’s durability, the Bill of Rights was written. Also known as the first 10 amendments, these are believed to be god given rights, that no one w/the exception of almighty god himself can deny a man. This way, we can insure the states will never suffer again under a tyrant like Britain. Because

of this, the citizens can have faith in the government and the people who carry out the law. But perhaps the best test of the Constitution has been the tests of time itself. Unbiased, and never stopping or slowing down for anyone or any reason, the articles were tested when Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. When it was discovered Nixon had known about the Watergate break in, and was covering it up, eventually forcing his resignation. When Robert Ford pardoned him. When the 11 southern states seceded and forced a bitter civil war of friend against friend, brother against brother. When slavery was finally abolished. And not to mention 4 presidential assassinations. The Constitution endures because of it’s structure. It ’s ability to serve the majority of the

nation, but at the same time not to trample the rights of the minority. It’s ability to be amended when needed, and stand strong when tested. It’s careful system of checks and balances, making sure that no one branch becomes to strong, and wields unstoppable power. The fact that each person, including the president himself must answer for their actions. The careful seperation of powers. These, as well as the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to carry out and protect the Constitution. The men and women who serve in the military, ready to fight and give their lives to protect our nation and right to believe in god. The countless brave young men who have already died in the battlefield, some never knowing what’s it like to graduate from college, to marry and raise a

family, or to see their sports team win a championship. This is what makes America such a great country, a proud nation, and why as long as time endures, the constitution will endure. John Locke would be proud. The Constituition