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to recent research. Green tea might be a good bet, as well. Mice that drank only green tea got an astonishing 88-93% fewer skin cancers, when irradiated with ultraviolet B rays, than a control group that drank only water. Another highly common cancer is prostate cancer. As many as one in five men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are many dietary adjustments we can make to help avoid this all-too-frequent cancer. High-fat diets, for one, have been implicated in prostate cancer. A study tracking the eating habits of 48,000 men found a powerful correlation between packing away the grease and the advanced form of this disease. Those men who ate the most fat had an astonishing 79% greater risk of getting advanced prostate cancer than did those

eating the lowest amounts. The worst foods are red meat, mayonnaise and butter. One of our strongest allies against prostate cancer is the tomato, a component of so many of America’s favorite dishes. Eating a lot of tomato products, which are rich in lycopene, a carotene has strongly been associated with reduced risk for this cancer. For those who don’t care for tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit are alternate and delicious sources of lycopene. In general, the same diet that is associated with preventing cancer is recommended for cancer patients. Since an anti-cancer diet is low in fats and animal foods and high in a variety of grains and vegetables, it puts less stress on the system while providing an array of immunity-enhancing nutrients. It’s wise to eat this way

as much as possible. If due to nausea or other reasons, only small amounts of food can be tolerated, which makes the food that is being eaten even more important to be of the highest quality. Shakes made of a mix of bananas with a half-cup of soymilk can be made quickly and easily in a food processor or blender. Throw a few strawberries or a peach into the mix for a nutritious and truly delicious snack. Beans and lentils, in soup or tacos, make an easy, high-protein meal. Soy products (tofu and soy milk) not only provide protein but also may inhibit angiogenesis, the ability of tumors to build the blood supply they need in order to grow. A series of fascinating experiments showed that the growth of tumors in mice was accelerated when the rodents were fed animal protein, but tumor

growth was stopped completely when soy protein was substituted for animal protein. Cancer is the most feared and deadly disease known to mankind. Many factors involved in the initiation and promotion of cancer are uncontrollable. There is an undeniable, controllable connection between diet and cancer. To avoid increasing the odds of promoting all kinds of cancer, people should avoid animal products altogether and focus mainly on consuming vegetarian products in order to fully satisfy the requirements of the human body. Bibliography Eldinen, Sarah. 1996. “Stop the Promotion of Cancer” Montreal, Litely inc. Greenberg, Andrew. 1991. “Curing Cancer” Toronto, Dexter Hamilton, John. “Researching Cancer in Canada” New York, Macmillan ltd. Heman, Ceisel “Cancerous Tumors”

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