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population is in partial due to the use of new weaponry; Artillery, Machine Guns, Tanks, Bombers, Biological agents. The other is the use of new weaponry against industrial and civilian targets. Which since the Napoleonic time period has become vital for the continuation of conflict. The mechanization of Warfare. Conflict since fourteenth century had two main characters 1) The use of a single weapon for multiple target. 2) The increase in distance from which actual fighting took place. These two characters of conflict took place due to the use of gunpowder and artillery. These two characters further developed in the late nineteenth century with the revolution in the technology of war. The Mechanization of Weapons. The accuracy, range and the rate of fire for weaponry has been

constantly improving. During the First World War a plane could fly and attack at a distance of about one hundred miles. At the end of the Second World War it had increased to 1,500 mile to the preset day of 6,000 miles. Hand held cannons Early muskets Rifle Machine Gun Assault rifle Sub-machine gun Infantry weapon system The Soviet Union and the United States have the ability to strike any where in the world. The Mechanization of Transportation and Communication. The development of railroads, steam boats, automobile, aircrafts, telegraphs and telephone have made in possiable for faster troop movement, logistic supplies and better command and control.