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have given girls more freedom out of necessity and force. Western societies gained the full benefits of the Industrial Revolution, therefore boosting development of the societies. Once the US and European nations began to establish themselves, they were able to have the luxury of progressive and political movements in vast sectors of society. The women in these societies began to view the men reaping the benefits of a total social and economic movement and wanted their share. Therefore, they acted. Although there were and still are other social issues in these countries, women have been able to gain economic political, and educational autonomy. Women in other societies are moving towards this, but tradition and men’s consistent power hold them back sometimes. Because of

historically established social constraints and economic dependence upon patriarchal family structures, development has been slower in these countries. Many African nations are facing this issue of choice and opportunity. Choice is the key to development in all realms of society. Gender development does not necessarily meant that all women have to be advanced in all areas, only that women, or girls, must have the opportunity and choices available and accessible to them. If they desire to get an education, no obstacles should be presented. If they want to be a political, the opportunity for it should be a reality. In Senegal, Wolof girls are experiencing a free flow of opportunities in the urban area of Dakar. Girls are equally present in the school systems, including the

university. The problem occurs for rural girls. With low funding ad political isolation, government officials are not able to officially appropriate the proper resources to villages and impoverished rural areas. Schools are not available, yet girls know they exist. Some travel miles a day just t get primary education. Unfortunately, these girls usually have to stop their schooling at the fifth or sixth grade level. When girls desire to do more, they are instead assigned household and agricultural duties which consume their daily lives. They are not given the choice. If a girl doesn’t wish to pursue life beyond the village, that is acceptable, but not all the girls are complacent or content. Many girls are married by 16 and immediately begin having children. Senegalese school

systems don’t have the facilities to provide services for girls in these predicaments. Bibliography Millenium Girls.. Author unknown for now 35d