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can see that my dramatic styles of communication are do leave a strong impact and effect on people. In contrast, there are also noticeable clusters of differences that i noticed. The most noticeable difference between means was on the category “relax” I scored myself relativel low and both Ryan and Leslie scored me low in this means. Relaxed is defined as “calm and collected durring interactin, especially under pressure. The rhythym and flow of speech is rarely affected by feelings of nrevousness”(ilmont,p.230) Through this analysis it is obvious that I see myself as nervous in contrast as to how my peers percieve me. This trend of fluctuaion of means sis also evident in the categoryopen. Here, I scored myself a low means while Ryan and Lesly gave me highe scores.

Communication is one of the most intricate and under looked areas of human beings. By completing this assignment I learned a great deatil about my self and how other percieve me. Though I do feel that I am an a good communicator I now realize what aspects of my communications skill that I need to fix. The areas I would like to change are to tr7y to be more open with others. I will attempt to do so by staying relaxed. I scored a relatively low mean in the openess category and this is an area I would like to change. The means showed that I am not open nor am I percieved to be a very open person. Overall my communication style is very dominant, dramatic and friendly. Howvevr, despite this though Im not a very open person. I feel that my communication style does allow me to get

people to listen to me closely becayse of my dramatics or ability to tell srotires in vivid detail and picturesqe. I am animated and expressive when I feel the need to emphasize a point or statement. This also helps my communication confidence since I know now that what I say often does an considerable impact on those who I am communicating with. In conclusion I am very pleased with the dataz which I recorded. I now understand my communciation style better yet at the same time have located areas in which I can begin to improve on. Through this assignment I learned a great deal about how I communcate as well as how others percieve my communication style. References 1.)Trenholm and Jensen, (1996). Intterpersonal Communication. Belmont, CA:Wadsworth Publishing Company.