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relationships are different, which make these stories more interesting. The literary styles in both stories were told in the first person point of view. Both narrator?s are in the story and are telling it from their point of view. Plus another interesting style that I recognized, was that we never found out the names of the narrators. Since it was told from a first person point of view it was harder to be able to get their names. In ?Yzur? the gender roles weren?t that important as in the story of ?Talpa?. In ?Talpa?, Natalia and Tanilo?s brother, both had a strong role, who had to see their love one slowly suffer and die. Both, in way, had a masculine role because they had to be strong in carrying Tanilo for 20 days and never giving up. Tanilo had more of a feminine role. He was

the weak one, who was needed to be cared for. In ?Yzur? their roles I believe had no great effect on the way the story was portrayed. It is difficult to describe their gender roles. Both are males, human and animal. They are strong and cared for each other. These stories, as you can see, share many thoughts and ideas that make these short stories adventurous to read. Comparing these stories shows how many of these collections can also share the same themes.