The Comparison Between Booker T. Washington And

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The Comparison Between Booker T. Washington And W.E.B. Dubois Essay, Research Paper Comparison of Tones Through reading the pieces of writings by Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. DuBois in the Three Negro Classic I have learned they have different attitudes/tones towards society. Booker T?s tone was one of being positive towards life, and he was very forgiving. On the other hand W. E. B. DuBois?s tone was totally different. His tone was not forgiving, and he thought very negatively. The tones of Booker T. and DuBois are completely opposites, one is of forgiveness and looking for the better in life, and the other is of blaming and pointing fingers. Booker?s tone was very forgiving, and he also had a positive attitude towards life. Washington believed that hard work could help

a person achieve anything they desired in life no matter what race you are. A great example of this was the success of the black painter, Mr. Tanner, overseas. Tanner was well appreciated by everyone despite of his race. This acceptance was what Washington was aiming for in the South and the entire United States. Even though Booker was apart of slavery he never hated or blamed the whites for it. Booker believed that if the whites and blacks could work together, society as a whole would be vastly better. Washington never gave fault to the whites for the blacks lower status in life, but instead he asked for their help to better the status of the Negro race. All this was expressed in his address to the people in the Atlanta Exposition. He also thought education would be the key to

blacks becoming better citizens. Booker T.?s number one goal was to create social equality for everybody. W. E. B. DuBois had a different tone than Booker T. Washington. DuBois was not forgiving at all, and he thought very negatively about what Washington had to say. He feels that the whites should take the responsibility of helping the black community advance in life, since the whites were the reason for the Negro race being poor and lacking of political, social equality. DuBois thought negatively of Booker. He interpreted Washington?s teachings as a way of putting the Negro race down even further instead of lifting it up. DuBois felt as if Booker T. was giving into the whites instead of standing up to them. At the Atlanta Exposition, DuBois felt that Booker was telling the

people to give up their political rights, and not to continue their pursuits in higher education. If this were the case, Washington wouldn?t have founded the Tuskegee University for blacks to better themselves. Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. DuBois had totally different views on the same subject. This is shown in the tone of their writings. Washington?s tones are more uplifting and motivating to a person who would have read his work during this time. DuBois?s tone is on a more negative note, which can discourage a person who decides to read his writings.