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sub tropical , too hot & humid,to dry-droughts in deserts. political features:authoritarian, autocratic regimes,one-party system, radical army->civil wars,disrespect of human rights. social problems:*overpopulation*starvation,malnutrition*low life expectancy *high infant mortality*widespread of diseases & epidemics*lack of wate*lack of sanitation *poor housing conditions(slums) *migration from rural to urban areas*worklessness economic problems:*lack of raw materials or natural resources*inadequat infrastructure*lack of technical equipment,no native-born-experts,no spare parts*huge foreign depts*large agricultural sector,small industrial *low prices for goods they export. agricultural problems:*small group of rich l& owners & millions of poor peasants

*destruction of the eco-system:burning tropical forests to gain farml&,soil erosion,lack of soil fertility*monocultural farming=cash crops*destruction of self-sufficient economies*misuse of fertilizers, pesticides problem from 3rd world angle:*natural resources are exploited*industrialised countries pay unfair prices ->buy raw materials cheap, refine them in their home countries,process them into finished products, sell them on the worl markets at high prices. Rich Countries: dominate world markets, dictate prices, act as if the developing countries still were colonies.1st world:waste,affluence,overproduction 3rd world:starvation & poverty. 328