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contain a decongestant. Coughing is sometimes caused by irritated airway and or an increase in post nasal drip. There are two different types of cough medications. One is a suppresant and the other is an expectortant. The suppressant stops dry hackin coughs, and the expectorant helps to bring up mucus or phlem. Expectorants thin out the mucus in your throat by using your bodily fluids. So if you are using an expectorant, be sure to consume a lot of liquids. Coedine, is a popular expectorant, but shouldn’t be taken with sedatives or alcohol. "Vicks 44" is useless for a cough because it contains both an expectorant and a suppressant (Poppy 104). Another name for a suppresant is antitussive. The problem with these is that they might contain narcotics that act directly on

the brain, so be sure to consult a doctor before taking any medications. Some over-the-counter products that seem to work as expectorants are Guaifenesin in "Robitussin" or "Triminic". Cough drops of lozenges work better than pills and usually taste a lot better. Look for something with Mentholate in it to soothe sore throat pain and coughs (Tarkan 202) Colds sometimes are accompanied by aches and pains. Headaches are usually caused by the compacting of the nasal passages and sinuses. They only close off when a virus enters the upper respiratory tract. This pain can usually be stopped by taking ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin. It is important to be careful when giving aspirin to children, because it has been linked to Ray’s syndrome. Ray’s syndrome is

a potentially deadly disease that sometimes occurs in children that are infected with the flu, pneumonia, or chicken pox (The Common Cold 1-3). Because there are so many kinds of combinations many people tend to become confused when bombarded with all of the adds for cold medicines. Above all "Sudafed" and "Tylenol Flu" are rated the highest for the relief of the symptoms of the common cold according to Laurie Tarkan of Good Housekeeping (212). She strongly suggests that before taking any medication, over the counter or not, you should seek a doctor’s help in choosing a drug or a combination of drugs. When shopping for a cold remedy remember that there are less expensive generic brands that contain the same drugs and work just as well. If any symptoms change

or become worse than you think that they should be, within reason, it is suggested that you seek a doctor’ help. This is suggested because many serious illnesses start out with cold-like symptoms that become much worse. They might not be able to cure the common cold ever, but there are now drugs in the works that can help to ease the symptoms and cause little or no side effects. Overall, colds are not killers, most of the time, just rather annoying to have. There are drugs that can put a stop to all of the annoying symptoms, but the main idea for "curing" a cold is to use a medical practice aptly dubbed the "Tincture of Time." To speed recovery, sleep as much as possible, and eat very little.