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children who were with her, gave Cellie new life. Writing to sisters was inspiring for both of them. It was a strong contact that was never broken; even when they were not sure of the other was alive. The book has hope ? it also has frustration. The racism that is present through the book is similar, although not quite as bad, with the racism in today?s world. The family structure, and how it changes so drastically, and so quickly was a bit disheartening to see and read. It was almost like there were no moral values present. One spouse would leave, and a new one would appear on the next page. Adultery is something almost every character is guilty of, and the way they treated each other was far from civil at times. I guess it was the era, and the way that the blacks handled things

in that time. I can?t decide if I like Shug. Even as I am writing this paper I am not sure. I think that as talented as she is, and the effect she has on people, maybe just maybe she could have handled herself better. She never gave a damn about anyone. It would appear that she did or a time, but then as their newness and usefulness wore down, but not completely out, she would leave. After a time, when people could become fresh again in her eyes she would remerge and pick up where she left off. The scene at the end of the book when Cellie and Mr. ___ are sitting on the porch working on the pants Cellie is designing they are both still in love with Shug, but Shug has moved on. I guess that?s the nature of the beast. Some people are just users, and no good, but for some reason have

redeeming qualities that people are attracted to. So Shug is not all-bad. She inspires others, but does not do a whole lot for herself spiritually or psychology. I would recommend this book, in fact I did. My girlfriend is currently reading it. We plan to rent the movie after she is finished with it. I don?t expect much from the movie. I know that Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover are in it, both are talented actors, but cinematic versions of books usually leave important facts out, and embellish for the sake of a picture. I won?t hold my hopes up too high, but I will give it a chance. This is a book that I know I will come back to when I am looking for a good story to read and inspire. This book has earned a spot on the same shelf as ?Catcher in the rye.? 327